Soul Mate Connections Christmas Edition

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Soul Mate Connections – Christmas Edition is here! Whether you believe in soul mates or not, there is a depth of connection, a heartening, joyous, passionate and soulful intimacy that you CAN experience in your life and relationships — starting now. Through a variety of exercises, we will evoke our soul essence, feel into our […]

Find the missing link with The Ultimate Connection Coaching

“To be great, be whole; Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you. Be whole in everything. Put all you are Into the smallest thing you do. So, in each lake, the moon shines with splendor Because it blooms up above.” ― Fernando Pessoa I’m often asked: what exactly is “The Ultimate Connection”? My nutshell […]

The New Feminine ~ Express Your Self to Succeed (as a Woman) ~ FREE event

There’s a new movement, a New Feminine Emergence. It’s a paradigm shift. Women are awakening to their wisdom and feminine gifts: deep, embodied wisdom; exquisite beauty and love; immense capacity to sense and feel; the gift of natural healing; the power of creation. There’s a new way to success and fulfilment that doesn’t involve comparison […]

Womb Healing with Cacao ~ Women’s Circle meeting in London

The Women’s Circle “Being Woman: Yin, Yoni and Beyond” meets again for another Women’s Only event: Womb Healing with Cacao. We are Women. The seat of our power is our Womb. Our powerful emotions and creative force emanate from our Womb. When they are healed and filled with light, we create unimaginable beauty and open […]

Success vs. failure. What makes the difference?

If you’re human, you want things. You want to have things, you want things to happen. Small things. A little lie in after a long night. Your coffee made just the way you like it. Some recognition for your efforts at home and at work. Bigger things. Taking much needed time off — just for […]

Elena Angel at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London

I’m delighted to return to the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London, 29th April to 2nd May 2016 for the third year running. An opportunity to make some more soul mate connections, of course. Through a variety of exercises, we will evoke our soul essence, feel into our innate gifts, align with our soul purpose […]