SoulGate Essences – Aura Spray “Phoenix”: Recovery



Soul-Gate-Essences-Phoenix-Recovery-Elena-AngelThis SoulGate Essence subtly supports us in providing what is necessary after illness, emotional trauma or hurt.

“Phoenix” helps us to get back to where we belong, giving us the confidence and strength to continue on our soul’s journey.

Where there has been heartache, you will now experience joy. Where there has been weakness, you will now experience divine supported life force energy.

Turn negative thoughts into positive actions.

Rise and soar like the phoenix of ancient mystical times and enjoy the love of self once again.

Created by Bärbel Schlamp, lovingly commited to the soul journey and cosmic connection.

Her motto: “I say YES to my life plan. I take my place”.

Endorsed by John of God.

This aura spray is for external use only.

Contact Elena Angel for further guidance on the use of the SoulGate Essences.



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