SoulGate Essences – Aura Spray “White”: Mindfulness




This SoulGate Essence subtly supports us to live life in the now-moment: mindful, without judgement, with awareness instead of mentally analyzing.

“White” clears the mind and spirit and awakens our deep inner wisdom. Detached from the constant “have to”, we become aware of the impulses that gradually lead us to our deeper being.

“White” helps you to live in the now, consciously. Mindfully, you become aware of the signs of your own inner wisdom.

Created by Bärbel Schlamp, lovingly commited to the soul journey and cosmic connection.

Her motto: “I say YES to my life plan. I take my place”.

Endorsed by John of God.

This aura spray is for external use only.

Contact Elena Angel for further guidance on the use of the SoulGate Essences.



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