Introduction to Tantra for Singles and Couples


A private session with Elena Angel at her London practice (for singles and couples).

What is Tantra?

How can it help me?

How do I get started on my own/with my partner?

You will be presented with a wealth of information to help you gain perspective and understanding.

Importantly, you will receive guidance specific to your circumstances, needs, goals and level of experience, and get started with your own Tantric practice.

“Elena greeted me at the door and immediately I was relaxed by her warmth and sense of humour…

Elena introduced some breathing exercises which we practised for a while, then she went into more detail about Taoist concepts on sexual energy and how it could be used both in sensual aspects of life but also in other areas such as work and achieving dreams…

The talk and education about Tantra really filled my mind with all sorts of ideas about how this new awareness about energy could help me. I was totally relaxed and able to talk to Elena even though the discussions were of a very sexual nature at times…

The session really made me think about the big picture of my life and how I deal with things, about how much I have going on for me and how much I have to offer the world…just so mind-blowing in terms of beginning to get an insight into the world of Tantra and how this is so much more than experiencing enhanced sexual pleasure.

In the days straight after my session I was able to respond better to stressful situations, more calmly and rationally.

This first session also caused me to question spiritual aspects of my life and what I believe in, which I never imagined could happen. I’ve started thinking about myself in a new way in terms of sexuality, again questioning things I’ve done in the past and how I want to be in the future.

I definitely feel more positive in my outlook.”

~ Jim

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Private consultation with Elena Angel at her London practice (for singles and couples).


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