Sharing my passion and insights into human behaviour and potential is a privilege.

I’m always grateful to be featured in press publications, or when given the opportunity to speak at workshops, events and seminars.

I am available for interview or to comment on

  • Creating and sustaining intimacy long-term
  • The changing landscape of relationship in our times
  • Why dating fails and connection succeeds
  • Tantric understandings of female and male energy
  • Self-worth and relationship challenges
  • The new feminine emergence
  • Myths about soulmate relationships
  • How to recognise and deepen soul connections
  • Taoist techniques for health and well-being
  • Sexuality, spirituality and evolution
  • Finding your life purpose and spiritual principles for success.


As a speaker and facilitator

I leave participants and audiences feeling seen, heard, and a little turned on (goes with the subject matter).

My stories entertain and enlighten, and I share techniques for getting out of our heads and into our bodies. I create a warm and safe space where we can deepen into our being and make new discoveries about ourselves and the way we relate.

My talks and workshops are interactive and enlivened by music and movement. Expect newfound zest for life, wisdom, practical tools and ample inspiration to transform your life and relationships.

This is the basis of The Ultimate Connection Coaching®.


I speak to audiences of all sizes about

  • Overcoming intimacy and relationship issues
  • Adopting sacred and conscious sexuality practices
  • Developing mindful living and loving
  • Strengthening your sense of identity and personal power
  • What it takes to attract a new partner
  • How to deepen, enrich and revitalise relationships
  • How to integrate sexuality and spirituality
  • How to redefine and empower yourself as a man or woman
  • Becoming more creative, authentic and spontaneous
  • Improving communication and teamwork in every partnership (personal, business, creative)
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour
  • How to enhance performance with meditation and self-hypnosis
  • How to gain clarity and peace of mind
  • How to apply intelligent strategies for success
  • Becoming effective in every area of life
  • Developing intuition to activate your talents and creativity
  • How to harness energetics for healing, transformation and conscious co-creation.


For Elena Angel there is nothing more wasteful that unexplored human potential

That’s why she devotes her life to helping smart, sensitive and successful people reach their next stage of personal evolution. Elena is the founder of The Ultimate Connection Coaching®, a trans-formational life + relationship coaching method that draws from Tantra, Taoism, Mindfulness, NLP, Quantum modalities, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

As an expert in human relationship potential, her stories and lessons are regularly featured in online journals and magazines, including British GQ, Om Yoga, Sunday Times and Natural Health.

Ultimately all of Elena’s work is about empowering people to experience The Ultimate Connection: more pleasure, grace and purpose than they ever thought possible.