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A Day of Soul Mate Connections

February 13, 2016 @ 10:00 am - 5:15 pm

£70 - £95

The workshop you’ve been waiting for this Valentine’s weekend:

A Day of Soul Mate Connections

Whether you believe in soul mates or not, there is a depth of connection, a heartening, joyous, passionate and soulful intimacy that you CAN experience in your life and relationships — starting now.

Through a variety of exercises, we will evoke our soul essence, feel into our innate gifts, align with our soul purpose and channel our energy in nourishing and supportive ways with and for each other.

This Day Workshop focusses on attracting and enhancing closer partnerships and romantic relationships.

You will learn about:

  • dynamics of attraction
  • masculine & feminine energies
  • keys to successful communication
  • challenges of romantic relationships
  • the spiritual dimension of relationships
  • the essence of soul mate connections
  • Tantric principles and practices to enhance your relationships

and will have the opportunity to ask questions and share.

As in all Soul Mate Connections events, you will enjoy a warm, friendly, joyful atmosphere, connect with like-minded people and have fun dancing to my (notoriously) eclectic music mix.

The workshop does not require previous experience. It’s designed for men and women, singles and couples, with an interest in personal development, communication, relationships, spirituality. Come on your own, with a friend, or a partner.

A Day of Soul Mate Connections is perfect for you, if you want to:

  • build your confidence and self-esteem
  • understand how you attract people and situations into your life
  • enable new, better partnerships
  • build the potential of existing relationships
  • evoke deeper emotional and spiritual intimacy in your relationships
  • experience a more authentic way of being You, expressing as a man/woman
  • learn about the living Tantra of relationship

About Soul Mate Connections

Elena Angel’s best-loved events series, featured in London’s Metro and the Mind Body Spirit Festival, is now co-hosted with London College of Spirituality and continues to grow.

Join the community on MeetUp: The Soul Mate Journey and Facebook: Soul Mate Connections | The Ultimate Connection and stay connected.

About Elena Angel

Best known as founder of The Ultimate Connection Coaching® and Soul Mate expert, Elena Angel elegantly combines Taoist and Tantric teachings with modern understanding and tools for the Quantum Age.

Elena’s own practice is grounded in mystical experience and her profound commitment to personal transformation and evolution. She specialises in energetics and, in her coaching sessions, additionally draws from her knowledge and training in NLP, hypnosis and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, amongst other modalities.

Elena’s workshops and retreats are enlivened by eclectic musical choices, dance and movement practices and playful partner and group exercises, alongside powerful guided meditations, expansive experiences and soulful communication.

The focus is on intimacy and relationship, life-purpose, enhancing self-awareness and your ability to connect and co-create the life and love you truly deserve.

About this workshop

Running time: 10am – 5:15pm

Register from 9:30am. There will be two short tea breaks and a longer lunch break. You are welcome to bring your own packed lunch and snacks. Herbal teas are available at the lounge and there are plenty of cafés nearby.

More detailed joining instructions will be sent out to participants closer to the time.

Tickets: £95,  £70 (concessions & groups)

Group bookings: please contact Elena Angel.

* * *Advance booking essential. Please scroll down for different ticket options.* * *

Venue: Light Centre (Belgravia), 9 Eccleston Street, London SW1W 9LX

The centre is very close to Victoria Station (underground, overground and bus station).

There is metered parking nearby on Eccleston Street and Eccleston Place. To reach these spaces you need to enter Eccleston Street  from the Victoria station  side. The meters are operational from 8am to 1.30pm on Saturdays.

Click here for a map.

Contact: 07576 366 197 / elenaangeltantra@gmail.com

What you said:

“It was a great evening of sharing and focusing on our true desires and dreams, which is something so special and important to do as often as possible! The process had a powerful, confidence boosting effect as it was done after exercises during which we connected with each other energetically on a soul level — and so we knew and believed how great and capable we all already are! Many thanks to Elena.”

– Maria

“I didn’t know what to expect at all. Was Elena going to tell me how to find my lifetime partner? Would I have to touch someone (neither of which I wanted!). Instead, I connected organically and deeply with four complete strangers! I now feel relaxed and blissful! I felt safe and comforted the whole time and it sped by — usually, on a Friday after work, I want to go home to bed, but I am so glad I came. Thank you, Elena, for your gift. I want to come back for more workshops!”

– Kate

“I loved the dancing and group sharing. It was very encouraging and I felt cherished. People listen in different ways and I enjoyed sharing my passions, as well as giving back and exploring a new dynamic in examining a person’s self-development.”

– Theresa

“It really melted that wall of separation for me, that false fear of separation…a heart-opening evening. I feel back in my body, connected to my heart and open to others.”

– Jade

Having been apprehensive and yet curious I was delighted to find that you provided an incredibly safe space to be, with the freedom to learn, explore, discover, experiment and grow. Recognising boundaries and then having the support guidance and encouragement to move and expand beyond those to discover a bigger space in me was awesome.

I emerged with a very grounded experience based on understanding the connection between self and others, heart, sexual energy and the divine, and how wonderfully and intrinsically these elements intertwine.

I continue to enjoy the ripple effect of the workshop as it touches the deepest parts of my mind, body and soul and I know this just the beginning of a wonderful journey. At times this is proving challenging and yet I have never felt so energised and in love with life itself.”

– Peter

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