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Awaken the Dreamer: Use Dreams and Dream Work to Create a Life you Love AND the Love of your Life

April 7, 2017 @ 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Wonder what your dreams REALLY mean?

What if you could use your dreams to heal and enhance your well-being?

Would you like to improve you career, home, abundance, relationships? Maybe find new love?

Discover the power of working with dreams to heal and manifest a life you love AND the love of your life!

Dream work represents a creative, effortless way to

  • work through patterns and emotions
  • enhance self-awareness
  • grow psychologically and spiritually

enabling you to bring about positive changes and create the experiences you desire in life.

Today, you will learn more about dreams, their function and symbolism, as well as practical ways to work with your dreams to improve every area of life—career, family, romance, health & well-being, abundance, creativity, spirituality.

You will leave enlightened and inspired, equipped with powerful new tools for your personal and spiritual advancement.

“Awaken the Dreamer” takes place at the Columbia Hotel (Lancaster Suite), 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS, close to Queensway tube station, on Friday, 7th April 2017, 7:30pm.

Registration for this event includes the Online Course “Dream Your Self Whole” completely FREE. 

This is a foundational training with essential dream work practices to help you make rapid progress, no matter what your current level of experience.

By attending this talk & online training, you also gain access to the Shamanic Dream Circle closed Facebook group, where the learning continues with FREE Facebook Live sessions and exchange with other members of the community.

“The topic of dreams fascinates me and there are not any workshops on this subject in the local area. Going into much more detail about the dream gave me better awareness and insight… The biggest learning was that we can take control of our dreams and they are nothing to be scared of… dreams hold a wealth of information and you can engage with them to heal and work through things. It was a brilliant workshop. My dreams have been much clearer since.” ~ Lynette Fryer, Energy Healer

Questions? Please e-mail Elena Angel using this form or call 07576 366 197.

Look forward to seeing you and weaving dream magic together!

Meet your facilitator, Elena Angel.

Elena-Angel-Life-Relationship-Coaching-LondonElena Angel is a teacher, speaker and mentor, founder of The Ultimate Connection Coaching® and a Soul Mate expert.

Elena’s own practice is grounded in mystical experience, her strong intuition, and a profound commitment to personal transformation and evolution. She specialises in energetics and spiritual technology (Tantric, Taoist, Shamanic, Quantum) and, in her coaching sessions, additionally draws from her knowledge and training in NLP, hypnosis and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, amongst other modalities.

The focus is on sexuality, intimacy and relationship, life-purpose, enhancing self-awareness and your ability to connect and co-create the life and love you truly deserve.

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Columbia Hotel, Lancaster Suite
95-99 Lancaster Gate
London, W2 3NS United Kingdom


Elena Angel