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Dream Circle: Introduction to Conscious Dreaming

July 15, 2018 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

“Dreams are illustrations…from the book your soul is writing about you.” 

― Marsha Norman

Most spiritual traditions embrace dreaming and visioning as principal ways in which we connect with our true self and the source of all creation.

Ancient and modern mystics, healers and shamans use dreams to access higher intelligence, receive guidance, enhance their abilities, detect and heal the causes of illness and misfortune, see into the future with the possibility of fulfilling or changing the course of events, seed dreams with their intentions in order to see these manifest in the waking life — and much more.

Modern science confirms the extraordinary capabilities we aquire through the expansion of our consciousness and our focussed intention — both key elements in the practice of conscious dreaming.

What treasures lie hidden in your dreams?

In tonight’s introduction to conscious dreaming, we will share dreams and explore:

  • Sleeping and Waking Dreams
  • Fundamentals of Dream Interpretation
  • Developing your Dream Language
  • Conscious Dreaming Essentials

You will gain a better understanding of the dreaming process, start to unlock the messages hidden in your dreams, and learn how you can make use of this valuable information, as you begin your conscious dreaming practice.

Venue: Benk + Bo, 4-6 Gravel Lane, London E1 7AW 

Admission: £35

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Meet the speaker, Elena Angel.

Elena-Angel-Life-Relationship-Coaching-LondonElena Angel is a gifted intuitive, teacher, speaker, mentor and founder of The Ultimate Connection Coaching® — a signature approach to self-discovery and transformation with a focus on relationships, sexuality, spirituality, expanding human potential and applying spiritual principles for success.

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Benk + Bo
4-6 Gravel Lane
London, E1 7AW United Kingdom