Rosa’s very first Cacao Ceremony and an extraordinary Women’s Retreat

Rosa attended “Luminary Emergence”, the Women’s Summer Retreat in Southern Spain this summer (2016) and experienced her first (her very first!) Cacao Ceremony. As you can imagine, she had no idea what to expect! Luckily, she found it to be “unreservedly, the most extraordinary experience…thoroughly, thoroughly, THOROUGHLY enjoyable… extremely playful.” In the video below, you’ll […]

Interested in workshops? Testimonials from participants.

Elena Angel delights in holding group sessions, workshops and retreats in London and internationally. These events provide a stimulating and nourishing environment that supports participants’ personal development. Each has its own distinct theme, focussing on enhancing relationships, self-expression and utilising spiritual principles for success. Participants write: Please take this as a heartfelt thanks for the […]

Feminine Connection. Special Cacao Ceremony for Women.

Syma felt she’d lost touch with her feminine and longed to re-establish this connection within her. She attended a Cacao Ceremony for Women and surprised herself — pleasantly! Syma writes: I wanted to attend a cacao ceremony as I had heard that it helps open the heart and facilitates healing. The ceremony itself was an […]

Mind-Blowing First Session

Jimmy became interested in Tantra after he stumbled across energetic sensations in sex. When he got in touch with Elena Angel, he had yet to find authentic, Tantric guidance. He writes: I’ve been interested in Tantra for a while and had number of so-called Tantric Massages which really didn’t give me the impression that I’d experienced […]

Rebecca’s Soulmate Success Story

Rebecca Pillsbury is an author and speaker, whose mission is to inspire women, especially, to discover themselves anew and write their own stories, as they embody more of their pleasure and joy. Rebecca attended Elena Angel’s special Soul Mate Experience session at the Mind, Body Spirit Festival in London. Guess what. Not long after, she […]

From pleasure-seeking to saving his marriage. An interview with Klaus

Klaus has worked intensively with Elena, especially to overcome problems around his relationship and sexuality. Tantric principles were especially powerful for Klaus, helping him to discover himself and his wife anew. His experience of sexuality and relationship was completely transformed. Klaus offers a colourful and detailed account of his experience of Elena Angel and The […]

A Whole Different Level of Coaching. An interview with John.

John has worked extensively with Elena to further his personal development, especially to learn about energetics and how to apply consciousness tools and spiritual technology for success, happiness and enhanced influence. In this short interview, John describes his experience of Elena Angel and The Ultimate Connection Coaching®. Q. Please tell us your age, profession, family […]