Love speaks. Connect with your Soul purpose and rediscover the joy of living through service.

“Tell me the truth,”
  I asked love…

“What are you?”
“I am the everlasting life,” love said,
“I am the recurring joy of living.”

– Rumi

The master speaks of a den of riches, where many precious jewels can be found. In abundance they lie, patient and yet ready to be claimed.

“Go, scoop them up!” urges the master.
The devoted ones look but cannot see.

“Where are these precious jewels?”, they cry, “for we cannot find them anywhere!”

The master gazes lovingly at the devoted ones and responds kindly, “In service, my beloveds, you shall find the jewels through service. For what is the soul but the finest and most precious of heavenly jewels?

What is service but the scooping up of the soul that it does not lie lost, nor unclaimed, but instead honoured for all its precious worth and beauty, tended to until it becomes vibrant as a flawless ruby, radiant with the joy of living.”

Today, spirit spoke through Rumi and Alana Fairchild.

Isn’t it a beautiful message?

Service to others can be such a great source of strength, inspiration and joy.

Would you like to explore your soul gifts and unique place in the Divine plan?
Connect powerfully with your purpose, creativity and joy of living?

This is my gift to you:

11 online group sessions (free / donation)
Attuned to Essence: Meditation and Energy Work for Inspired Living
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These special sessions are intended to help you align powerfully with your essential soul qualities and gifts, and clear what stands between you and your most fulfilled expression.

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I look forward to connecting with you — and for you to connect powerfully with your calling.
And make it happen.

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Love and blessings,

Elena Angel

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