One Big Moment. From Hollywood to your own life story and how to move through life’s biggest challenges with grace.

“Every book or movie comes down to one Big Moment.”

“Luke Skywalker faces Darth Vader.
The young Chasidic wife in Unorthodox confronts her husband.
Charlotte Rampling stands up to Tom Courtenay in 45 Years.
It’s a moment when all the cards are slapped onto the table.
The writer has to have the guts to go big.”

That’s writing advice from Hollywood via Steven Pressfield.

Would you agree?

And have you noticed another pattern?

Everything goes distinctly pear-shaped close to the end of almost every dramatic story.

It catches me every time.

I’ll be watching a movie, despairing (much like the hero) as I glance at the remaining time: how can this big a mess get sorted in 20 minutes?!

Kinda like the current twist in the corona-story.
It was getting better, now the plot thickens again.

Are we nearing a Big Moment?

When you’re watching a movie, there’s nothing for you to do.
The writers and film-makers have already crafted the story, including the Big Moment, and you’ve been served the film’s final cut.
In time, all is revealed.

But if you’re the writer, the maker, the dreamer and you can feel a Big Moment coming, there’s definitely something you can do.
Go for it.
Give it your all.

Because that’s what it takes for that final transcendence.
For the hero to triumph against all odds.

“I admit it”, says Pressfield, “I’m guilty of this too.”

“We KNOW the Big Scene is coming, we recognize the Big Moment as we’re writing it.
But we lack the killer instinct to take out the Big Hammer and hit it with all we’ve got…nailing the Big Moment and holding nothing back.”

Looking back to your own story, what were some Big Moments?
How did you move through them?
And how are you different for the experience?

Do write and share.

Love & blessings,

Elena Angel

P.S. I’m not exactly writing in code, but you could read “going all in” and the “Big Moment” as gathering yourself, turning your attention inwards, expanding in the present moment, i.e. meditating or entering a meditative state.

Here, you can rest in wholeness, restore your energy and come into contact with your inherent perfection, benevolence and soul gifts — those treasures that seek expression through you, in your life.

There you are.

At once, observing and creating your reality.

Accessing the wisdom, the inspiration and the energy to transform your life, whilst contributing to the greater good.

If you’d like to

  • activate more of your inner resources and soul gifts
  • lighten your karmic load and ease your way through life’s challenges
  • understand and live your purpose with joy and grace

ask me about one-to-one mentoring and energy work. One space left.

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