The mother of all energies. (Get sexy and creative with Soul Connections and a special live online session on “Connecting with your Creative Spark and Inner Truth”.)

Creativity is the mother of all energies, nurturer of your most alive self.

It charges up every part of you.

When you’re plugged in, a spontaneous combustion occurs that “artists” don’t have a monopoly on.

This energy rises from your own life force and from a larger spiritual flow. It’s a sublime feeling that comes from being a conduit, not a controller.

To liberate creativity, you must think out of the box. Reject conformity; choose something you’re passionate about.

Even if you feel creatively dead, I’ll direct you to passion.

Whether you’re writing the great American novel, laying bricks, or sprinkling rose petals on a salad, your delight and surrender to the impulse is what catalyzes energy.”

– Judith Orloff, Positive Energy: 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress and Fear, into Vibrance, Strength and Love

Expressing your creative energy will keep you sane.
It will transform you.
It’ll help you thrive.

For more insights and tools on how to ignite the passion in your heart and soul, check out the latest Soul Connections uploads on YouTube:

Ep. 4 Your Sexuality is the Gateway to Living Your Potential, featuring Sarah Rose Bright, Sex, Pleasure and Intimacy Coach.

An inspiring journey from sexual shame and ignorance to empowerment, abundant pleasure and creativity.

Sarah leads by example and has a special gift for distilling complex Tantric and Taoist techniques into much shorter, more accessible practices.

See the video notes for details of Sarah’s Free Meditations for listeners, and how to enter the Prize Draw for one Free Online Coaching Session.

Ep. 5 Embodying Presence: Truth, Love & Intimate Relating, featuring Boaz Capsouto, Holistic Mentor and Bodyworker.

Boaz shares how he was able to look beyond the mind and connect to a deeper truth through Sufi practices, a non-duality mindset and neo-tantric bodywork.

Boaz is passionate about gender activism, empowerment and equality, and openly shares his unique perspective regarding intimate relating and monogamy.

We take a look at modern sexuality, the feminine re-emergence, archetypes and the transpersonal, our evolving mind, breaking biological patterns through awareness and movement, fear, love, and so much more.

Boaz has contributed a Free Online Mentoring Session to the Prize Draw — details in the video notes.

Ep. 6 “The Creative Process and Manifesting Your Dreams into Reality”, featuring Laura Bacon, Film-maker, Musician, Healer.

Laura has much to share about the different stages and challenges of the creative process, how to access your abundant creative flow and manifest your dreams into reality.

You’ll find much encouragement and inspiration here — see the video notes for details on how to win a Free DVD of her film Hesperides.

Join Laura and myself for a LIVE online session entitled “Connecting with your Creative Spark and Inner Truth” on Wednesday, 6th May 2020, 20:00 UK.

Click here or on the image below to save your place. It’s free.

Laura writes:

We are currently in a place of mass global incubation and these conditions are ripe for the creation process.

In creating, you initially have to remove all distractions and shut yourself off in order to move through the first stages. We are all now being gifted this time as a collective, so each of us can begin writing a new story within.

Don’t miss this webinar, it will be particularly useful during these challenging times!

Stay connected, in joy, and see you on Wednesday.

With love,

Elena Angel

P.S. In case you missed it, “Change The Way You See Yourself”, a special session on relationships and emotional intelligence with Louise Armstrong, is now available on YouTube, part of the Self Care & Upliftseries.
See the video notes for additional book recommendations.

P.P.S. The upcoming session on creativity will also also be available on YouTube, but live is always more fun!

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