“Stand Tall in Times of Crisis.” Free healing session with medical intuitive, Andreas Goldemann now on YouTube.

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”

– Maya Angelou

As restrictions start to lift, we’re seeing a ray of sunshine.

Still, we’re undeniably shaken.

Is there a way to stay centred and strong when the rug is pulled from under our feet?
How can we connect with our inner power and basic trust in life once more?

This is what I asked Andreas Goldemann to help us with in a special session entitled “Stand Tall in Times of Crisis” — part of my “Self-Care & Uplift” YouTube series.

Andreas Goldemann is an extraordinary medical intuitive with the ability to effect transformation through his voice, movement and reflection.

I’ve interviewed him several times before, as well as for his latest “Back to the Origin” Masterclass & Intuitive Session — also free, available online.

Andreas’ gift is so special, I won’t even begin to try and explain it: you have to experience it.

“Stand Tall in Times of Crisis” focusses on vital energy.

Watching the video will help you feel more supported and grounded. You will feel much stronger and more confident — in times of crisis and life at large.

In the video notes, you’ll find details of more free online resources from Andreas.

Feel free to share, and let me know how you found the session(s) with Andreas: are you feeling brighter?

Love and blessings,

Elena Angel

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