Your destiny is in…whose hands, exactly? (Karma, destiny and the C-word…plus new Soul Connections broadcast feat. Isaac George, spiritual teacher & astrologer.)

Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.

– Victor Frankl

Are you watching the numbers?
I am.

There’s this website showing COVID-19 figures worldwide.
And then there’s the World view.
Different figures for comparison — changing before your very eyes.

A powerful reminder of our interwoven destinies as individuals and as a collective.

Perhaps you’re asking…
…are we free to choose our destinies?
…what does it mean to be empowered as an individual?
…what is our place in large-scale events?

As I see it, we’re experiencing a soul-driven evolutionary process.
Perspective and connection to personal purpose are crucial.

I discussed such questions — and more — from a personal, as well as from a karmic, astrological and planetary perspective with Isaac George, spiritual mentor & astrologer.

Watch the two-part broadcast on YouTube.

Part 2 of “Past Wisdom for a New Earth Vision” includes a Soul Star Meditation I created specially for you to connect with your soul purpose and essence.
(Content summary with timings in the notes.)

Enjoy the show, let me know what it sparks in you.

Love & blessings,

Elena Angel

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