Natural resistance? A step towards self-mastery? Take a breath and embrace the challenge and opportunity that COVID-19 brings.

“The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.”

– Voltaire

So much going on at the moment…but first things first:


Take charge of your nervous system, boost your immune system, access your inner power and bliss with this breathing practice by Wim Hof (aka The Iceman).

* For more on Wim Hof and his method, incl. a recent COVID-19 message, check out this YouTube playlist.

Natural resistance? A step towards self-mastery?

Take self-isolation, add breath…what do you get?
Try it out, let me know!

And let’s continue the conversation soon.

Love & blessings,

Elena x

P.S. Most of us could use a better mood and a breath of fresh air, whilst staying grounded and present to what is going on. Self-management tools are surely coming in very handy at this time…
Equally, you have the opportunity to dive deeper, face those demons, discover what is true to Self. Choose who you want to be now and in the future, uncertain through it may be.

Get in touch for additional support through this challenging time, a reflection on your process, insights and tools to see you through to the other side.

Always good to stay connected.