You are an Angel…with a very special message. (Soul Connections, living your Soul Purpose and creating Paradise on Earth.)

“I believe that every human is an angel with a message to deliver. I am an angel. Right now I am delivering a message to you. You are also an angel — perhaps you don’t know it, but you’re still an angel.”

“You are an angel, and your life is your message. But what kind of angel do you want to be?” 

(from The Voice of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace (A Toltec Wisdom Book) by Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr)

I really took this question to heart this summer and put my energies into the message that is my life.
Instead of getting creative with newsletters and social media posts, I got creative just being myself.
Simply being.

Have you ever taken a break from commentating on your life?
Taken a closer look at the story you are living, as opposed to the story you are telling? 

Ruiz explains the Toltec view that we are master storytellers.
So powerfully creative with the stories we tell ourselves, we manifest them as our lives.
Except we often tell ourselves lies.
And then live lies.

So, I decided to turn within and feel deeply: what story am I BEING?

Asking that question was like injecting myself with a truth serum…
A veritable reality check!

It wasn’t all bad, mind you.
There was plenty of love and joy! 
But also old habits, self-imposed limitations and resistances to life.

What happened next?
More clearing, of course!

And on I go, renewing my commitment to inner work and taking consistent action in the direction of love, truth, beauty, joy…’cause that’s the story I want to be telling and living.

Quoting Ruiz again:

“The truth will set us free. This is the whole key to going back to heaven.
When you recover the truth, your truth, a miracle happens.
You open your spiritual eyes and return to heaven.
Heaven is the most beautiful story made with love, and guess who creates heaven?
We create our own heaven. 
Heaven is a story; it is a dream that we, as life, can create. But for life to create heaven, the main character of the story needs to surrender to life, and allow life to manifest without the lies.
Heaven is here, and it’s available for everybody.
Paradise is here, but we need to have the eyes to perceive it.
This is exactly what Jesus and Buddha and Moses and Krishna promised so long ago, and all the great masters in the world who created heaven in their own mind.
They are all telling you that it’s up to you.
If they can do it, you can do it, and if you can do it, everybody can do it.”

What’s your story?
The message you are being?
Are you creating your own paradise on earth?

Look forward to your sharing!

Love & blessings,

Elena Angel

P.S. Obviously, I’m more at peace with telling stories once again… So much so, I’m launching a new radio show & podcast, entitled SOUL CONNECTIONS. Right now, I’m cooking up mightily inspirational content, including conversations with special guests — all about living our soul purpose and coming into alignment with the truth of who we are. You’re most welcome to send me suggestions regarding people and topics you’d like to see featured on the show. Burning questions on your mind? Write and let me know!

P.P.S. I’m delighted to offer a small number of in-person sessions in London and Zurich this autumn!
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