Seasons, initiations and mystical matters. (Summer Solstice Special ~ The Bodhisattva Initiation)

“Coming back to the summer solstice — when the sun stands stronger, higher, and longer than at any other period of the year — one finds inspiration in…what could be called the bodhisattva initiation.”

“In Buddhism, a bodhisattva is a person on the path to buddhahood who has awakened a degree of wisdom — bodhisattva means “one whose essence is wisdom.” In this sense anyone who strives for enlightenment, who acts from his innermost essence, or wisdom and compassion, is to some extent a bodhisattva

The summer turning point…represents a pivotal decision about evolutionary progress and fulfillment, in which all of us may participate.”

– W. T. S. Thackara, “Summer Solstice”

Yesterday’s solstice represents a pivotal moment.
A turning point.
An initiation.

Thackara explains how the seasons, solstices and equinoxes, mark initiations, “beginnings and endings, each representing the close of an old and the opening of a new chapter in the larger continuum of our individual and collective evolutionary experience.”

The catch with these initiations, beginnings and endings, is that they’re often quite a process.
Deep. Tough.

Like a bodhisattva, you’re called to act from your own inner wisdom and serve the greater good.
In the process, you step up and life expands.

Are you undergoing an initiation?
What’s the new opportunity?
And what’s the challenge?

If you’d like to share, drop me a line here.
Sometimes it’s good to be reminded, you’re not alone!

Much love to you,

Elena Angel

P.S. When I say “you’re not alone”, I really mean it. We’re all in this together!
In my last newsletter, I wrote about an important experience, a rebirth.
Well, what ensued was a stupendous initiatory process.
Deep. Tough. Awesomely wonderful.
I’m almost ready to share more, but what I can say now is I’m expanding — and so is my work.

I’m loving the mystical and psychic dimensions of the work we do together, clearing karma, revealing soul connections and contracts, and bringing more aspects of Self into alignment and embodiment. This truly is next-level development work, helping you to see more clearly and break free from the hidden blocks that keep you stuck and playing small.

It doesn’t just serve you. It serves everyone.
Because the true, free, empowered, joyful, creative YOU is much needed in this world.
This is the bodhisattva in action.

If this speaks to you, please e-mail me to arrange a call. I’d love to support you in the best way I can.