Secrets of Connection Workshop @ London Tantra Festival 2018

You meet people all the time.
But how many people do you really connect with?
And how can you develop your ability to connect?

“Secrets of Connection” offers you a new perspective into what it means to connect, as you learn about the unseen energetics of connection.

Through a variety of guided exercises, you will gain an embodied understanding of how the subtle energy exchange that spontaneously occurs between you and another can make or break your connection.

Want to create more attraction? Enhance communication? Cultivate intimacy?

The secret is in the subtle energy…

You’ll enjoy the interactions so much, you’ll wish this workshop never ends!

Join us, and take away with you valuable insights and tools to help you take your existing relationships, as well as new connections, to the next level.

“Secrets of Connection” takes place on Saturday, 17th November, 5pm – 7pm, as part of The London Tantra Festival 2018: Rise in Love.

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