Express your Self. Connect with your soul purpose, clear your energy and enjoy success in your career and relationship

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

– C.G. Jung

In Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Jung poses big questions.

Life and death questions.

He offers answers too.

“Certain souls, I imagine, feel the state of three-dimensional existence to be more blissful than that of Eternity. But perhaps that depends upon how much of completeness or incompleteness they have taken across with them from their human existence.

It is possible that any further spell of three-dimensional life would have no more meaning once the soul had reached a certain stage of understanding; it would then no longer have to return, fuller understanding having put to rout the desire for re-embodiment.

Then the soul would vanish from the three-dimensional world and attain what the Buddhists call nirvana.

But if a karma still remains to be disposed of, then the soul relapses again into desires and returns to life once more, perhaps even doing so out of the realisation that something remains to be completed.

In my case it must have been primarily a passionate urge toward understanding which brought about my birth. For that is the strongest element in my nature.

This insatiable drive toward understanding has, as it were, created a consciousness in order to know what is and what happens, and in order to piece together mythic conceptions from the slender hints of the unknowable.”

There you have it, Jung’s reason for being.

Do you know yours?
How does it manifest in your life?

It’s the pursuit of your Soul’s deepest yearning, a great imperative that gives meaning to your life and ultimately fulfils you.

Being authentic and truly free is to stay connected with the directive of your Soul or Self.

Expressing this force through your words and actions can be a source of great pleasure and joy, as you experience your own unfolding in your life’s work, in every thing and every one you touch.

From an energetic perspective, creative expression — of the spoken word, of action, choices and will — is connected with the fifth, throat chakra.

This energy centre is located between the head and the heart. When your head and heart are working in harmony and the throat chakra is balanced, you are empowered to express clearly and lovingly, and make a positive impact through your choices and actions.

If your throat chakra is out of balance, you may find it harder to connect with your Soul’s guidance and follow through with empowering choices and actions.

You may have difficulty making decisions, overcoming patterns and addictions, may feel criticised or misunderstood, less able to stand your ground and speak up for yourself.

Sexually, you may find it’s harder to maintain safe boundaries, and may be unable to open up to your own pleasure potential.

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