“Date your Ego, Marry your Soul” podcast: the ego gets a lot of bad press. Not this time.

“Date your Ego, Marry your Soul” is a new podcast that’s dedicated to modern-day self-discovery and actualisation.

Listen to my conversation with Serafina Salvador (Episode 1) to get clearer on what your soul is and how it expresses in the different areas of your life.

You’ll also learn about:

  • the karmic forces that are shaping your life this very moment
  • what you can do to free yourself from the negative impact of past experiences
  • connecting with your soulmates (yes, plural!)
  • finding fulfilment in career and relationships

and many more aspects of the vast wonder that is YOU, both inside and beyond your physical body…

Listen to Episode 1 of “Date your Ego, Marry your Soul” on iTunes.