The Art of Dreaming: Secret Keys to Love & Romance (Interview + FREE Webinar)

What are your dreams trying to tell you about your relationships?

Do you dream of strange, dangerous situations?
Are there conflicts? Challenges?
When you wake up, do you feel happy and vital, or tired and anxious?

It might not seem that way, but your psyche is secretly nudging you in the direction of harmonious relationships, deeper connections and more love in your life.

Your dreams are showing you the way…

In a recent interview with Louise Armstrong, host of the popular podcast “Let’s Talk Relationships and Love”, we explored what your dreams reveal about you and your relationships, and how you can use them to:

  • detect and overcome hidden blocks to love and intimacy.
  • elevate your attraction factor, and enjoy more harmonious and loving relationships.
  • strengthen your connection with your Higher Self and Spirit to receive guidance and open to new opportunities
  • manifest what you desire — including better relationships and new love.

The interview is available online: click here for FREE access.
When you hear my story, you’ll understand how I came to be so fascinated by dreams and excited to work with them!

I’m also sharing lots of examples that I’m sure you’ll relate to, and a very easy and effective technique that you can use straight away to transform inner conflicts revealed in your dreams.

Listen to the podcast, and let me know how the technique works for you!

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P.S. This is such a juicy topic, I’ve decided to offer a FREE webinar to dive deeper into “The Art of Dreaming: Secret Keys to Love & Romance” on Saturday, 16th June, 4pm (UK).

In this webinar, I’ll also reveal the THREE main causes of relationship failure, and how you can address them through dream work and other energetic practices that I use myself and with my clients.

Registrations are now open: click here to save your place!

The webinar includes a Q&A session, so go ahead and e-mail me any dreams that are puzzling you, or other burning questions about love, romance and relationships, and I’ll do my best to give you answers during the webinar.

Don’t worry, if you can’t make the live broadcast.

You’ll receive a recording of the entire session, as long as you’ve registered in advance.

But if you can attend the live session, you could be one of the lucky ones to get on the HOT SEAT…a chance to get individual coaching and on-the-spot transformation!

Here’s what one participant wrote, following the recent workshop, “The Hidden Power of your Dreams: Introduction to Shamanic Dreamwork”:

Dear Elena,
Last night was completely extraordinary.
I have just realised…that arguably the most loaded experience in my life occurred whilst I was dreaming or within the dream state.
In the past this incident filled with with an overwhelming sense of regret and remorse…
your workshop has provided me with the tools to gently return to this experience, so as to disarm its negative charge and discern the teachings and guidance enveloped within it.
Without your expertise these steps towards wholeness and healing would not have been possible!
So a really heart felt thank you!
  • What negative memories and emotions are hidden in your psyche and showing up in your dreams?
  • Would you like to transform them?
  • Set yourself free to love and be loved without negativity?

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