Enter the World of Dreams and Shamanic Dreamwork

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”  ~ Edgar Allan Poe

Ancient mystics and shamans had much the same attitude, and considered the world of dreams to be part of a higher order of reality, and our dreaming a gateway to expanded consciousness and human potential.

Catching up with the ancients, modern researchers and oneironaughts clearly demonstrate how we can use our dreaming ability to access untapped potential, overcome limitations and boost our personal and spiritual development.

I have personally witnessed amazing transformation amongst clients and workshop attendees in a remarkably short time — the catalyst often being a single dream.

Curious? Would you like to learn more and uncover the treasures that lie hidden in your dreams?

Join me in April, as I introduce the fascinating world of dreams and shamanic dreamwork with two very special events:

“What do your dreams mean?” evening talk in London (N1). Tuesday, 17th April, 7pm. Click here for more information.

“The Hidden Power of Your Dreams: Introduction to Shamanic Dreamwork” evening workshop in London (N1). Tuesday, 24th April, 7pm. Click here for full event details.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Register here to receive 20% off the London workshop plus a free PDF worksheet and access to a free online class and Q&A (replay available).

For more ways to learn about dreams and dreamwork, including online training, please send an enquiry using this form.