The thing about attraction… (Tantric sexuality, love, polarity, emotions and how to enjoy a successful relationship.)

Attraction is a mysterious thing…

Seems impossible to fathom, but don’t you just love it?

When you feel that sweet rush? The heat rising inside?

It’s so compelling, intoxicating…

Enamoured, we forget ourselves—who we’re supposed to be, in any case—and are consumed by a wanting that’s magnified the longer it takes to fulfil it…

Except it can go wrong.

Attraction can lead us to dangerous situations.

Rash moves—with all their dire consequences.
Unsuitable partners.
Disillusionment and heartache.

It’s also decidedly unstable.

Today, you’re convinced X is the bee’s knees, tomorrow you want to run a mile…

Perhaps X’s previously irresistible allure has diminished over time.
Maybe, it’s been transferred onto new player, Y.

You just see them differently, for some reason.

It could be you really love your man/woman, but you’re missing that spark.

In fact, you’d give anything to feel more desire, and you’ll likely try to change the situation, fearing that, if things don’t change, you’ll probably end up going your separate ways.

Or come up with some compromise.

Usually unsatisfactory, sometimes positively disastrous…

If you want to enjoy a successful relationship, you must get on top of the attraction factor.

Make it work FOR, not AGAINST, you and your happiness.

What’s the big secret?

Attraction is a complex matter, and I won’t attempt to demystify it in one short piece, but ONE main factor—often out of balance in longer term relationships— is POLARITY.

I explain a little more about it in the video below, especially in light of the upcoming workshop dedicated to precisely this principle:

“Polar Connection: Masculine and Feminine Ignite” is a practical workshop that enables you to gain enhanced awareness of polarity through your body.

It takes place this Sunday, 15th October, 12:30pm – 2pm at the London Tantra Festival in central London.

Click here for a description and link to register.

As for the festival itself, it’s a magnificent two-day event, steadily growing and likely to exceed 1,200 people in attendance this year. I do hope you can make it!

Don’t forget to drop by my stall: it’ll be lovely to meet you, and you can take part in my Free Prize Draw.

View the festival programme and book your tickets here.

Sounds like a plan?

Hope to see you soon!

Love & blessings,






P.S. More on polarity and other aspects of relationship in two more presentations in October, specially for Women:

On Thursday, 19th October, I’m giving an evening talk entitled “From Here to Love: What you need to know to find love, sustain a successful relationship and blossom in it”.

This is designed for women who are:

  • looking for new love
  • just entering a relationship
  • in an established relationship.

We will look at what could trip you up at each stage, and how you can transform challenges into opportunities to expand in love.

The presentation includes a special guided process to help you gain greater self-awareness, identify what is needed to enhance your relationship experience, and empower yourself to take those next steps.

Read the full description and register here.

Part of the “Balance Your Life” series, hosted by Natasha Bailey, Gateway to Ascension.

Starting later this month on Monday, 30th October, you’re warmly invited to join me and 20 other wise women, visionaries and leaders in feminine empowerment, for a truly transformational week, filled with insights and inspirations, tools and transmissions.

“Rebirthing the Planet, One Woman at a Time” is the inaugural global summit celebrating the Sisterhood of the Divine Feminine, lovingly hosted by Divine Feminine Embodiment Coach Krystal Alexander-Hille.

On each day of the summit, we will have the theme of one chakra, so that by the end of the week, you can feel more aligned, more empowered and more whole within yourself.

You’ll leave the summit with so many tools and inspirational stories, as well as a community of sisters on Facebook, who will have shared that journey with you.

My interview airs on Day 4, Thursday, 2nd November, dedicated to “Heart & Life Force”.

The title is “Emotions, Self-love and Intimacy”, addressing especially the subject of emotions and how to:

  • heal your emotions with self-love
  • express your emotions as a feminine love-offering
  • connect with your emotions to deepen intimacy with Self

You’ll hear more about Tantric sexuality, a bit of my own story, also a gentle guided process just at the end of the session.

“Emotions, Self-love and Intimacy’ is going to be live for 24 hours and FREE to access—like all the interviews in this series—for a limited time.

Check out the full programme and register here.

P.P.S. Are you working on a specific issue? Prefer 1:1 work?

Contact me to request a private session.

“Thank you so much!

My key learning was: you have to show how you feel. Because it is the only way to be more intimate.

‘Trying to be nice’ blocks energy and intimacy. If you show how you feel (without blaming) then there is energy, dynamism.

As soon as I came off the phone to you the tension between me and my partner immediately released…I was immediately naturally more sympathetic and loving towards him. Then the tension built up during the course of the day and, eventually, I took a deep breath and told him that I felt unheard and that I therefore felt resentful.

It was so hard to admit because it felt petty and weak, but it released SO much energy I couldn’t believe it. We suddenly became super close and had great sex twice (twice is very unusual!).

Elena, I can’t tell you how much your wisdom helps. I am thirsty for it! Hope to speak to you again soon…”

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