Bring in the light! A Tantric perspective on opening to Love.

Today is a special day…

Millions of people around the world are celebrating Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

Diwali is a five-day festival centering on the New Moon, the darkest night of the autumn, at the end of the Hindu lunar month of Ashvin.

Its significance (spiritual / historical / religious) varies across different regions, but all the stories associated with it symbolise “the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, hope over despair.”

I’m reminded of another polarity.

Another human struggle.

Between LOVE and FEAR.

Osho has much to say on this.

Question addressed to Osho:

“You say fear is the opposite of love. Have you any practical or impractical suggestions how one can drop fear?”


“Love is existential; fear is only the absence of love.

And the problem with any absence is that you cannot do anything directly about it.

Fear is like darkness.

What can you do about darkness directly?

You cannot drop it, you cannot throw it out, you cannot bring it in. There is no way to relate with darkness without bringing light in.

If you want darkness, put the light off; if you don’t want darkness, put the light on. But you will have to do something with light, not with darkness at all.

The same is true about love and fear: love is light, fear is darkness.

The person who becomes obsessed with fear will never be able to resolve the problem. It is like wrestling with darkness—you are bound to be exhausted sooner or later, tired and defeated.

And the miracle is, defeated by something which is not there at all!

And when one is defeated, one certainly feels how powerful the darkness is, how powerful is ignorance, how powerful the unconscious.

And they are not powerful at all—they don’t exist in the first place.

Never fight with the non-existential.

That’s where all the ancient religions got lost. Once you start fighting with the non-existential you are doomed. Your small river of consciousness will be lost in the non-existential desert—and it is infinite.”

(Osho, transcribed teachings, Come, Come, Yet again Come, 10)

“Fear is the opposite of love.

Remember, hate is not the opposite of love, as people think; hate is love standing upside down, it is not the opposite of love.

The real opposite of love is fear.

In love one expands, in fear one shrinks.
In fear one becomes closed, in love one opens.
In fear one doubts, in love one trusts.
In fear one is left lonely, in love one disappears;
hence there is no question of loneliness at all.

When one is not, how can one be lonely?”

(Osho, transcribed teachings, The Guest, 6)
Cited in “Tantric Love: Feeling vs. Emotion” by Diana & Michael Richardson

Let’s focus on LOVE then!

Today’s a great day to dispel the darkness that is fear, closure and loneliness by switching on the light of love.

Just imagine:

What would happen, if you noticed love more?
If you made love more important in your life?
If you nurtured it and put it in (more of) your words and actions?

What is the first thing that would change?

Do write and share: I’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you a day filled with love and light,





P.S. Today, Thursday, 19th October, there’s a special event, especially for us, Women, seeking to open to MORE of the love that we are…

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At different stages in our relationship journey

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  • just entering a relationship
  • in an established relationship

we encounter different challenges, “initiations”.

With awareness, we may pass through these gateways successfully, expanding in love.
Without it, we fall back into unresolved patterns and emotional pain.

Tonight, we will look at precisely how these challenges may manifest, and how you can work with them to enjoy happier, more loving relationships.

The presentation includes a guided process to help you gain greater self-awareness, identify what is needed to enhance your relationship experience, and empower yourself to take those next steps.

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My interview airs on Day 4, Thursday, 2nd November, dedicated to “Heart & Life Force”.

The title is “Emotions, Self-love and Intimacy”, addressing especially the subject of emotions and how to:

  • heal your emotions with self-love
  • express your emotions as a feminine love-offering
  • connect with your emotions to deepen intimacy with Self

You’ll hear more about Tantric sexuality, a bit of my own story, also a gentle guided process just at the end of the session.

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“It just feels so comfortable.
It feels like a safe space for some reason. I don’t know how that was created…
Everyone was so pleased and so happy and comfortable talking and receiving feedback.
It’s a different type of connection. A deeper connection without words.
It’s already overwhelming in a very good way. It was like WOW.”  – Jane

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