It’s that time. (Autumnal transitions and dealing with change.)

Remember what it was like when the summer was over and it was time to go back to school again?

It’s that time now.

Even for those of us who are not actually returning to school this month, there’s the same feeling in the air.

A feeling of going back to something familiar, yet different.

We’re clearly called to upgrade, but right now we’re still much the same (for better or worse).

We know there are “exams” ahead and we’ll have to prove ourselves (undergo initiations?), but it’s uncertain how we will emerge.

Everything is morphing into something new, still unknown.

Are you feeling it?

I’m certainly finding myself in the midst of change on just about every front.

I’m transitioning to new living and working environments, starting to feel my way into a new, healthier lifestyle, about to enter a new phase in my relationship, beginning to sense the embrace of a new community, foreseeing new ways of connecting with Spirit.

Sometimes, it does my head in…

My psyche is having a bit of a party with all kinds of different characters making an entrance, as the changes gradually unfold.

One part is looking forward to the upgrade.

As the vision of a glorious future begins to take shape, it shines a transformative light on the here-now.

The visionary part likes to keep the eyes firmly on the outcome. Clarity is key.

Another part is wishing the holidays were longer.

Wouldn’t it be great to chill and forget EVERYTHING for an indefinite period of time?

This part is rather lazy and has no interest in change of any kind. It’s friends with inertia and courts entropy.

Yet another part is recognizing there’s a lot of clearing to do — physical, mental and emotional — before laying down new inner and outer structures.

Not an easy task, but it must be done.

A blend of warrior and labourer, this one. Handy, but not too happy.

Let’s not forget the “eternal student-explorer” part.

The one that’s curious, eager to embark on next-level learning and adventures.

This part expects the unexpected. It trusts there will be learning and growth, no matter what.

No end result to worry about. The journey itself is what’s important.

This little window to my soul highlights some of my typical inner responses to change.

I’m definitely more effective on the outside, when I orchestrate these inner parts consciously and artfully.

Best of all is when I become very present and all the different parts come together as a single, unified force.

I wonder, are you also transitioning in some way at this time?

What does this process bring up in you?

How do you deal with it?

Whether they’re creeping up on you, thrust upon you, or instigated by yourself, I’d love to hear about changes in your life (also the voices in your head!) at this time.

Click here to share.

If the picture is still unclear, start by looking at each area of your life and asking yourself:

  • Where am I noticing growing discontent or anticipation?
  • What are the structures that are unsound or outdated?
  • What would I have in place instead, if I were living my highest good?

Next, consider:

  • What problems and resistances must I face, even as I contemplate making changes?
  • What inner and outer resources can I call upon, in order to bring about these changes and desired outcomes more smoothly?
  • What are the qualities of Self and life experience I desire for the future, and how may I nurture their seeds already present in me?

Remember to drop me a line to share what came up!

Just having this clarity can make a world of difference at a pivotal time.

Then you can start to break down the process of change and take yourself through endings, beginnings and metamorphoses with greater ease, resourcing yourself as you go along.

I’m willing to bet, the evolutionary in you knows: the best is yet to come.

Love & blessings,





P.S. Sometimes, it’s not laziness. Sometimes, you really do need a break. Time to retreat and go within. Space to see the wood for the trees. Get clear. Recharge. Reinvent yourself. If you haven’t given yourself this opportunity recently, I highly recommend The Release, Heal, Manifest Retreat in October.

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