Romantic vs. True Love (or the edge of Tantric sexuality)

Updated: 12th July 2017

Was it true love?

You’ve probably asked yourself the question in moments of doubt.
After a break-up, or when you realize you’ve fallen out of love.

When asked about the Buddhist approach to romantic love, Thich Nhat Hanh chose instead to speak about true love—which includes romantic love.

According to this teaching, the four elements of true love are as follows:

1. Maitri – Loving-Kindness. The way you treat each other, offering the gift of happiness.
2. Karuna – Compassion. The capacity to understand each other’s suffering and also a kind of energy that helps to transform and remove it.
3. Mudita – Joy. Your joy is your partner’s joy and vice versa. If your “love” causes pain and tears, it may not be true love.
4. Upeksha – Inclusiveness. Your partner’s suffering is your own and vice versa. There is no separation, no barrier between you. If your love is true, it will continue to grow and include more people, nature, everything. This is the Great Love.

Here’s Thich Nhat Hanh’s complete answer to the question:

How’s that for an answer? Satisfied?

I’m not.

I mean, it’s a wonderful definition. It points to the kind of love we’d all do well to cultivate in all our relationships.

It’s a great attitude to life as a whole, in fact.

But something is missing.

If we’re looking at romantic love, sexuality ought to be in there somewhere, surely!

You might just leave out sexual attraction and desire (it’s one way of avoiding a whole host of complications!), but I, personally, do like the idea of a true, romantic love that is integrated with sexuality.

Tantra has the edge here: a path that integrates love and sexuality.

Tantra offers us a way of embracing the totality of our expression, loving and sexual, integrating and elevating both to the highest degree.

Tantric loving is immensely creative and all-encompassing. Also very orgasmic, in the broadest sense. Ecstatic. Transcendent.

Sexuality is seen as an expression of our creative life force, an energy that we can harness to power all of our creations—including, but not limited, to relationships.

How about that for an attitude to life as a whole?

Your turn now:

  • How do you define true love?
  • Is romantic love different, in your experience?
  • Are you enjoying true, romantic AND sexual love in your relationship? Would you like to?

Please write and share: I’d love to hear from you!

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