The thing about connection… (Soulmates, Tantra and how it all starts with You)

Updated: 12th July 2017

The thing is, it’s *all* about connection…

The Mind Body Spirit Festival was no exception: the connections we made exploring Dream Work and Soul Mate Love were just magical.

We connected with our romantic Soul Mate on a Soul level, journeying through the astral planes, and fine-tuning our subtle energy to match our Soul’s desire and openness to love.

We learned how to experience the same level of subtle, Soul connection in meetings with a partner, still feeling the same expansive, loving feeling, connecting energetically without words.

We embodied the new energies through movement and dance, sharing and connecting even more powerfully from the heart—pure joy!

When we don’t get in our own way, we can readily experience connection, love and joy with others.

Make this a romantic Soul Mate Connection, add Tantra to the mix, and you have the deepest, most powerful, creative partnership imaginable…

Wondering if this could be you?

Yes, absolutely.

This is YOU.

YOU are the Soul forever expanding in Love.
YOU are the living Tantra of Creation.
YOU are the Connection you have been seeking.

The way you experience life and love is ALL down to the way you connect within first, then with others.

At this point in life, you’ve also probably discovered that your level of happiness is more to do with satisfying relationships than material success.

How about prioritizing relationships then?
Learning new and better ways to connect?

You can upgrade your relationship experience to the nth degree, if you so desire.

No matter what your level of experience, you will benefit from the practices I teach, and can apply them to see changes in yourself and in your relationships.

One of the easiest ways to get started is by attending a “Soul Mate Connections” event.

Through guided practices, we

  • connect with our Soul essence, expressing as unique talents and heartfelt dreams.
  • experience the energetics of connection, and discover new depths of presence and empathy.
  • raise our energy, embrace our joy, and experience what it’s like to move and speak from the heart.

Don’t take my word for it: here’s what others (like you!), have said:

“I loved the sharing, the intimate connections, the deep care and compassion. The atmosphere encouraged me to open up personally and intimately. I felt protected by the warmth and concern of so many spiritually attuned individuals who shared their own insights and wisdom.”
~ Justin

“I loved the dancing and group sharing. It was very encouraging and I felt cherished. People listen in different ways and I enjoyed sharing my passions, as well as giving back and exploring a new dynamic.”
~ Theresa

“It was a great evening of sharing and focusing on our true desires and dreams, which is something so special and important to do as often as possible!

The process had a powerful, confidence boosting effect as it was done after exercises during which we connected with each other energetically on a soul level—and so we knew and believed how great and capable we all already are!”
~ Maria

If you’d like to connect with more heart and soul, meet like-minded people and shine your brightest by being yourself, please join the next Soul Mate Connections evening in London (W2) on Friday, 19th May.

There will be music, dance, joyful connections and heart-opening, with the option to drink my special Cacao shots and warm the heart even more.

Click here to book your place.

See you there!

Love & blessings,






P.S. There are a few more events coming up, as you can see on my Events calendar:

“What do your dreams mean?”  on  Thursday, 20th July, 7pm  explores ancient and modern understanding of dreams and their importance, as well as shamanic dream work practices that you can use to improve your health and well-being, material success, relationships and more.

“Tantric Sex: is it for me?” on Wednesday, 2nd August, 7pm  looks at fundamental Tantric principles and practices that you can apply to enhance your experience of sex and relationship.

Both are in central London, organised by Funzing. Check them out!

P.P.S. You had to be there to feel the love, but here’s a glimpse from my Mind Body Spirit Festival group sessions.

And if group events are not your thing, please contact me to discuss private coaching and mentoring. I only work with a small number of clients privately, so we’ll make sure we’re a good fit, before embarking on sessions.

Send me an e-mail, or call me on 07576 366197 and we’ll go from there.