Happy Easter! Embrace the Energy of Renewal in Life & Love.

Easter is the greatest celebration for Christianity with a message that’s relevant to all:


Emerging from the darkness, we experience a renewal of life. A whole new level of being.

If you too have found yourself lost in some personal underworld lately, you can breathe a sigh of relief: light is finally shining through.

You can make a fresh start.

Recover your lost energy, and begin to make new choices, explore new ways of moving forward.

As my favourite saying goes, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Take the first step, and claim the life and love you truly deserve.

I’m right with you!

My love and blessings,





P.S. Coming up soon:

Women’s Circle Cacao Ceremony: Love ~ Connection ~ Sexuality
Friday, 21st April, 7pm-11pm, Lancaster Gate, London W2

Time to heal the core feminine wounding that has disconnected heart, mind, body and soul, and undermines our happiness and well-being. Together, we re-integrate our sexuality and transform our experience of love and relationship. Beautifully heart-opening, as always…

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Shamanic Dream Work for REAL Soul Mate Love
Monday, 1st May, 11am-1pm Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival, Olympia, London W14

Soul mate love is the easiest and hardest of all… What does it take to make it work—for real? Join me for a dream journey of soulful love, connection and intimacy. You’ll be moved, inspired and delighted, as true soul love grows stronger within.

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 P.P.S. Below is a little video I made for you: Happy Easter!