Work with dreams, find soulmate love at the Mind Body Spirit Festival

It’s time for the event of the year!

Join Elena Angel at the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival this Spring, and discover Shamanic Dream Work for Soul Mate Love.

Elena has prepared for you the most extraordinary, experiential sessions to delight and uplift you!

Saturday, 29th April, 11:45am | Love Dome | FREE

Shamanic Dream Work: The Soul Mate Journey
Can you dream your way to soul mate love? Discover the power of imaging and connection in one magical session.

Monday, 1st May, 11am – 1pm | Main Workshop Area WS2 | £17

Dream Work for REAL Soul Mate Love
Soul mate love is the easiest and hardest of all… What does it take to make it work — for real? Elena shares insights and guides you through a shamanic dream journey of soulful love, connection and intimacy. You’ll be moved, inspired and delighted, as true soul love grows stronger within.

Monday, 1st May, 2pm | Love Dome | FREE

Connect with Heart and Soul: Journeying with the Hummingbird
Discover shamanic dreamwork and journeying that enhance your relationships. Embody love and joy, as you connect within and with others.

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