Love is blind. Or is it? (Choosing the right partner, the attraction factor and unconditional, soul mate love.)

Love is blind, they say.

I say, it isn’t.

It’s not love that’s blind; something else is…

Let me explain.

True love is not blind at all.

It sees the divinity, the goodness, in everyone and everything.
It extends itself freely, connecting us all. There is no end to it.

True love is unconditional.

It is accepting, embracing each one of us no matter what. Warts and all.

True love heals and restores faith and trust in ourselves, in our humanity and essential benevolence.

It’s a force that makes us stronger and kinder men and women.
It is the joy of life itself, leading us to better choices and more wholesome lives.

What’s blind is not love. It’s ATTRACTION.
There’s a BIG difference.

If you’ve ever fallen for someone and ended up heart-broken, you know what I mean.

The fact is, we’re often attracted to very unsuitable partners.

Nothing wrong with loving everyone unconditionally, but when it comes to entering an intimate relationship or life partnership, discrimination is as crucial as it is tricky to exercise.

The reason is that the mechanism of attraction is largely unconscious.

We’re primarily drawn to people who, usually on an unconscious level, remind us of familiar relationship patterns.

If you, like the majority of the population, have been exposed to:

  • problematic relationship dynamics
  • feelings of shame, rejection, betrayal, abandonment, fear or other negative emotions confusing your experience of love and affection
  • sexual trauma, or any other form of abuse

you may, unconsciously, carry the energetic imprint of these experiences, and find you’re attracted to people and situations that leave you hurting in similar ways.

Even if you’ve given this plenty of thought and are confident you know what you want and what’s good for you, you may meet a man or woman who’d genuinely make a fabulous partner for you, but feel little or no attraction!

The video below illustrates this very point and offers a sensible, down-to-earth approach to choosing a partner wisely.

As I was saying, it’s a sensible, down-to-earth approach. Well worth exploring, especially if this is a new concept for you.

But then, I urge you to go a step further.

I don’t believe we have to give up on romantic love.

Why compromise on passionate abandon and the mystery of soul love?

I won’t settle for sensible loving that doesn’t make my heart sing and spirit soar.

I don’t think you should, either.

You can have it all.

Love, romance, mystery, passion…all within a grounded, functional relationship.


Start by dialoguing with your own psyche.

Make contact with those shadowy, unconscious energies, as well as with your higher intelligence, your Soul.

Begin the process of integrating the different aspects of your Being, and come to a more conscious, balanced state.

As you do so, you will find yourself responding differently to people and situations in your life, and will begin to notice new opportunities and life experiences that depart from the old patterns of wounding and reactivity.

Transformational and personal development work helps you to process emotions, connect and communicate more effectively, and radically improve your experience of love and relationship.

Up for the challenge?

Contact me to find out more about private sessions, or join one of the upcoming events listed below and in the Events calendar.

Each offers unique ways to:

  • increase self-awareness
  • facilitate healing and integration
  • open the way to more love and fulfilment in your life and relationships.

Coming up:

Friday, 7th April, 7:30pm, Lancaster Gate, London W2
“Awaken the Dreamer: Use Dreams and Dream Work to Create a Life you Love AND the Love of your Life”

An illustrated talk / workshop that will leave you enlightened and inspired, equipped with powerful tools for personal transformation and manifestation. Includes FREE access to my online foundational training in Shamanic Dream Work and continuing training and exchange via the closed Facebook group “Shamanic Dream Circle”. Read more and register.

Friday, 21st April, 7pm, Lancaster Gate, London W2
“Women’s Circle Cacao Ceremony: Love ~ Connection ~ Sexuality”

Exceptionally heart-opening, helping us, Women, transform the core feminine wounding that has disconnected heart, mind, body and soul, and undermines our happiness and well-being. Together, we re-integrate our sexuality and transform our experience of love and relationship. Read more and register.

Saturday, 29th April & Monday, 1st May, Olympia, London W14
Shamanic Dream Work for REAL Soul Mate Love ~ Journeying and Connecting with Heart and Soul

I’m very excited to be facilitating my first full-length workshop at the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival this spring! It’s going to be highly experiential and positively delightful… That’s in addition to a couple of FREE Love Dome sessions, also very magical and uplifting. Registration is now open: find out more and book your festival pass via the links on this page.

Private sessions are available in London and worldwide, via phone or Skype.

I hope this gives you plenty of ideas, ways to move forward.

If you have any questions, or anything to share, please just drop me a line.

I’d love to hear from you!

My love and blessings,





P.S. It may also be that you are with the right partner, but still have to work through some challenges, before your love can expand and you can connect successfully on all levels. It’s well worth meeting the challenges of long-term relationships: rich rewards await you, if you’re willing to make the effort.

P.P.S. If you’re still looking for love and are feeling disheartened, please don’t be. Honestly, it’s worth it! It’s worth doing the work. It’s worth removing the blocks to pleasure and joy. Soul mate love is your birthright. This poem is for you.

one day

when you meet the right


you’ll laugh

at how much time

you spent

chasing the shadows

of other people’s

fleeting love.

~ R. H. Fowler