True, sacred love begins here now. With you.

Updated: 8th July 2017

February is supposed to be the month of love, Valentine’s Day and all…

Is it, though?

Are you sat there feeling love?

It’s great to have special occasions and special people to connect with and feel lovable and loving, but not many of us experience a stable, loving state as our norm — alone or with another.

Sadly, the opposite seems to be true.

We’ve come a long way in recent years, but loneliness, troubled relationships and disconnection are still felt more frequently and strongly than any of us would care to admit.

In my work with both men and women, singles and couples, it pains me to witness just how far adrift we can come, and a part of me just wants to say, “can we get back to basics, please? Love?”

By this I mean, REAL love.

We tend to confuse real love with what happens when we live out our ideas about ourselves and relationships.

We live out illusions, projections and unconscious patterns. We hurt ourselves and each other, become addicted, co-dependent, disconnected…

The list goes on and we lose our way, looking to someone or something out there to make us feel better, or just escape the pain. Sometimes, we lose all hope.

We forget the love that has nothing to do with our ideas and projections.

A love that is ever-present. Unconditional.

A love that does not falter, no matter what the circumstances.

The love of your soul for you. Of your body for you. The love of spirit.

I’m really starting to see that we can accelerate our healing, and save ourselves several years of therapy by connecting with this love.

The cure for our wounding and relationship problems is, in reality, always available for us: it’s the love, forgiveness and compassion that permanently reside in our heart and soul, our body and spirit.

The process begins with the willingness to drop our illusions and see the truth within.

Then, the healing takes place, through the heart.

It all begins with You.

Miya Yamanouchi offers us a great reminder:

“Don’t ever allow yourself to forget how incredibly special you are, even for a single second. Without you, the world would not be as magnificent. Let yourself remember to love again, starting with you loving you.”

I urge you to have faith.

Faith in this love that is your essence. Faith in yourself.

As you call on the love of spirit within, you begin to heal, and the relationship with yourself becomes Sacred.

And so do all your other relationships.

Looking back to ancient Roman and Egyptian, as well as modern-day expressions of love, Mo Abdelbaki offers this definition:

“Sacred Relationships are the basis of what we think of when true love is expressed. The connection of two souls, united in purpose, is the Alchemical merging of hearts, minds and incarnations. The fiery furnace of passion is the smelter for those who come together to unite as one Sacred Couple, individuals united by the Divine imperative.”  (from “Sacred Relationships: Beyond Love and Valentine’s Day”)

How will you know when you’re in a Sacred Relationship?

Here are some pointers:

  • Love is a constant. You should feel confident in your relationship.
  • Love is a baseline of the human experience and without it, we lose our humanity and individuality. You should feel more loving to all in a Sacred Relationship.
  • You’re allowed to be yourself and not expected to become a satellite of your partner.
  • You’re honored at all times and are able to speak freely and honestly, without fear.
  • Love is not a weakness; it is strength. Your relationship makes you more able to deal with the world and its challenges.
  • Love is the ability to share emotional honesty and be confident in the security of spiritual intimacy. You fully relate on a spiritual level, even if you hold different beliefs. It’s the inner spiritual imperative that connects in a Sacred Relationship.
  • True love does not cause misery in our lives, but brings us joy and fulfills us. Every relationship has its challenges, but can be eventually, harmoniously dealt with.
  • Love is always a risk, but one worth the leap into an abyss of vulnerability. To fall in love is to be open to potential pain, but what a glorious prize to seek. Sacred Relationships should feel worth taking a chance on.

I’ll say it again: the first Sacred Relationship to cultivate is the one with Self.

Everything else follows.

You can simply be: be here, be yourself, and find love in your heart and around you.

I do believe that our love life and spiritual life are closely entwined, and that Sacred Relating is one of the most powerful paths to self-discovery, authentic self-expression and self-realization.

  • Are you experiencing Soul Love and Sacred Relating?
  • Would you like to love and be loved truly authentically?
  • Will you take a leap of faith and love? Starting with loving YOU now?

I sincerely hope so, and I know it’s easier said than done, sometimes.

Sacred Love begins with you, but you needn’t walk the path alone.

Soul Mate Connections, Cacao Connections and the Women’s Circle in London are all dedicated to Sacred Relating and opening the heart.

Here you can experience empathy, soulful connection, and a joyful atmosphere that celebrates and affirms each one of us in our uniqueness.

You’ll find deep healing, love, understanding, inspiration, as well as the space and energy to transform the way you relate.

It’s just amazing, the beautiful synergy that arises when we connect with heart and soul, recognize our unique qualities and talents, and reclaim our co-creative power.

Join us, and let’s be the change we’ve been looking for!

And please feel free to write and share: I’d love to hear more about you and your journey.

Love & blessings,






P.S. When I speak of “Soul Mate Connections”, I refer to a form of Sacred Relationship that includes, but is not limited to romantic, sexual expressions.

Soul Mates are those we recognize and love with heart and soul. We help each other fulfill the Divine plan and our own, unique Soul purpose. This is a partnership set up on a Soul level. It may be brief or last a long time – indeed, many lifetimes!

However smooth or troubled, this type of relationship calls us to ourselves, more fully and deeply. We have the opportunity to liberate ourselves, become more genuine and loving, better able to serve our own highest good, as well as the good of all.

P.P.S. I share more about Soul Mates, Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and Relating in Free Resources, also the Blog and my recent interview with Steve Nobel, available on YouTube.

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