A love offering for all times (and for Valentine’s).

”Love, the supreme musician,
 is always playing in our souls.”
— Rumi

I’m always one to talk about our souls.
I’m also one to talk about our humanity.

“If you can love someone with your whole heart, even one person,
then there’s salvation in life.
Even if you can’t get together with that person.”
— Haruki Murakami

Feeling love in our hearts is surely transcendent.
It’s also immensely humanising.

More so because sharing our love, communicating and living it day to day can be very messy.

Love is simple.
Relationships are complicated.

Today, on Valentine’s Day, I’m here to remind you to acknowledge love as your essence.

And commit to choosing love as your path.

When things get messy, go back to basics: love.

Breathe into your heart. Remind yourself of your true essence.
Ask yourself: “what would love have me do in this moment?”
Follow your heart.

Sending much love to you and yours, on earth and in heaven, with my prayers for the healing of all our relationships, and the blossoming of peace and joy in our hearts.

Love always,







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“I have turned to Elena for her support and guidance through many different issues in my life, over a number of years.

Elena has helped me unravel and work through sexual, emotional and spiritual blocks.  As a result my marriage of twenty years, feels renewed and vibrant once again.  Elena was able to negotiate the complexities of two very strong characters skilfully with intuitive grace and wisdom.

Elena was equally adept in applying her intuitive qualities, in supporting my eleven year old daughter.  Through empathic conversation and the use of various gentle techniques, such as art and picture cards, a shift happened in my daughter.  She released some negative beliefs she was holding onto and has found a new inner strength to draw from.

On a personal level, Elena has helped facilitate and encourage my spiritual growth.  Encouraging me to explore the various new insights and energetic shifts that are taking place within me.  Having her there to discuss and explore my new expansion and awareness, allows me to consolidate these experiences and expand on them without doubting myself or dismissing it as simply my imagination.

I would recommend Elena to anyone seeking guidance on a spiritual, emotional or physical level.   I will continue to work with Elena over the coming years and draw comfort just knowing she is there.” – Emma

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