Dreaming of Love and Paradise on Earth? February has a lot of potential.

“The culmination of your life’s work as a dreamer is visualising and bringing heaven onto earth. When the goodness, love, and harmony of heaven shine out from your heart into the world, they touch and transfigure—not only your own life—but the lives of all those you encounter. As a true dreamer, one who has given direction to your dreaming energy, you can be one of the many beacons of light that help transform the world into a better place.”

~ Catherine Shainberg, “Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming: Awakening the Visionary Life”

I’m fascinated by this dream we call “life”. And my “dream life” is one of Heaven on Earth.

Do you know what I found?

It begins and ends with relationships.

What keeps you healthy and happy, and makes this world a better, kinder place for us all is loving, supportive relationships.

You probably don’t need a lot of science to know this in your heart, but one incredible Harvard study, the most comprehensive study of human behaviour ever undertaken, more than proves the point.

A long line of researchers tracked the lives of 700 men over 75 years, checking to see what had the greatest positive impact on life satisfaction. Here’s what they found:

The men who took part in the study invariably started out thinking that money, fame and hard work were most important.

Life proved them wrong.

As it turns out, it wasn’t money or success that made the difference.

“Warmth of relationships” had the greatest positive impact on health, longevity and happiness.

Loneliness and unhappy relationships were proven to be detrimental to well-being, whereas “the people who fared the best were the people who leaned in to relationships, with family, with friends, with community.”

Is this news?

I doubt it. But perhaps it’s disconcerting to know just how big an impact relationships have on you long-term, if this is an area of life that’s not up to scratch.

No more waiting! The time for love is NOW.

Valentine’s Day is approaching:

If you have a partner, take the opportunity to open your heart some more. Bring out your romantic side, and go the extra mile to show your love and appreciation. Add sparkle to your relationship, as you delight each other in new and familiar ways.

If you’re single, now’s a great time to practise self-love and appreciation. Whether you find yourself on your own, with friends, or out and about making new connections, notice the ever-present love in your heart and take pleasure in being YOU.

I’m counting on you to transform your life for the better.

Choose more love. More peace. More joy.

This way, we can ALL live the dream: Heaven on Earth.

Until next time…

Love & blessings,





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Also coming up:

Soul Mate Connections: Song for the Heart on Thursday, 16th February. Connection is for life, not just for Valentine’s, but we’ll enjoy a special ambience connecting at this time.

Dreaming for Life: Become A Conscious Dreamer on Tuesday, 21st February. More shamanic dream work practices to enhance your life and relationships.

Women’s Circle Cacao Ceremony on Friday, 24th February. “Spring healing” will leave you feeling nourished and radiant.

The video below is from the recent “Cacao Connections” evening: it’s similar to “Soul Mate Connections” except it’s super-heart-expansive, thanks to Ceremonial Cacao and has an extended format. The men, as it happens, showed up especially lovingly this time. Laura writes:

“Elena, THANK YOU for holding space so magically at the cacao ceremony (as usual!)…absolutely loved the night and so much has shifted for me…also seeing all those male energies showing such love and tenderness is the future of cacao and all the work that is happening…thank you for doing all you do!”

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