A brave new day starts with cake (and self-love)

It’s a glorious day, when I’m up naturally by 4:30am feeling bright and breezy, and proceed to meditate, devote time to my dream practice, get the body moving with my signature shamanic-trance-dance-workout — even manage to bake a couple of healthy cakes (because I love to share!) before the sun has properly risen and I begin to get ready for my working day.

And to do it all eagerly and effortlessly, in between sips of perfectly frothy matcha tea and pervasive feelings of self-love and gratitude for all the wonderful blessings in my life and how my day is unfolding in perfection…

Yessssss! Those are the kinds of days I love!

Then, there are the other days.

When I’m not super-motivated, super-efficient, super-happy. When I don’t feel super at all, and I’m not flowing through my day with grace and ease — or cake, for that matter.

It’s my personal mission to develop the fastest, most efficient and effortless means of transformation.

When I experience that special kind of day, when I find myself moving in the new way I want for myself without any effort or resistance, I know for sure that
my dream work is working;
the intentions I’ve seeded are blossoming;
deep healing, integration and reprogramming are all going well.

But resistance comes up.

And life has a way of thwarting the most meticulous plans.

What then?

Willpower may help to you get back on track, follow through on those New Year resolutions, push through resistance and pain… but it’s a finite resource and there’s a high price to pay.

Summoning willpower takes up a huge amount of your psychic energy.

You’ll either have to choose ONE big thing to focus on, or risk finding yourself despairing and burnt out.

If you don’t want to kill yourself in the effort of becoming a better man/woman;
if you don’t want to choose ONE thing at the cost of everything else;
if you want to see improvements in EVERY area of life – in your relationship, family, career, health, abundance, spirituality,

you simply have to discover better ways of accessing energy and empowering yourself.

Kinder, more loving ways.

In a recent piece for RisingHer, I share why all of us, women especially, can achieve much higher levels of success and fulfilment in life by starting with self-love and self-care.

Exercising self-compassion and connecting with a wiser, kinder part of ourselves counters the relentless inner critic and the harsh, defeatist self-talk that undermine our progress in life.

We build self-confidence and, as we do so, naturally become more motivated, more creative, and more capable.

The next step, is to surround ourselves with those who accept and support us.

We need affirmation, encouragement, empathy.

It makes an enormous difference to our level of well-being and to our success in life to be part of a community that we can share our journey with, celebrate our successes, and find solace when things don’t go as planned.

Read more here and, go ahead, join the community!

Now you can connect with sensitive, intelligent men and women like you.

Share your journey, delight in the wonder that is our heart and soul.

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Look forward to seeing you!

Love and blessings,






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P.P.S. In case you’re wondering, meditation, dream practice, dancing, baking cakes and drinking matcha tea are my idea of self-care and nurture. What constitutes self-love and nurture to you? What does putting yourself first look like? And do you put yourself first? Please write and share: I’d love to hear from you!

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