I have a dream… a dream of joy, love, connection, loving co-creation. And you?

I have a dream… a dream of joy, peace, connection, loving co-creation…

It’s much more than a dream, of course. In fact, I’m so determined to make this my reality, I dream on!  Shamanically, I mean (if such a word exists).

In my explorations of consciousness and energy, I have found that working with dreams and dream states is one of the most potent ways available to us to help us integrate our psyche and manifest consciously.

This is reflected in a great many spiritual and therapeutic bodies of knowledge, and there is a wealth of practices that one can draw on at this time. (Check out my special YouTube playlist to get some ideas.)

You can use your dreams to improve your health and well-being, relationships, work, creativity, and to further your spiritual advancement.

I explain more and share some of the most potent and accessible techniques for working with dreams this evening. “Dream Your Self Whole” Online Dream Work Class takes place tonight at 7pm — still time to join, if you haven’t already.

OR get in touch with me to find out how you can access the recording and teaching materials and take the class in your own time.

Here’s what previous participants have said about “Dream Your Self Whole”:

“The biggest learning was that we can take control of our dreams and they are nothing to be scared of… dreams hold a wealth of information and you can engage with them to heal and work through things. It was a brilliant workshop. My dreams have been much clearer since.” ~ Lynette

“I did what had been suggested…and the power I experienced going through me was quite intense…I had some powerful learning through this method…it continues to bring me new insights about myself and my life, weeks after the event. Highly recommended.” ~ Bernadette

This foundational training gives you access to a closed Facebook group dedicated to shamanic dream work, where I share more techniques and resources, offer Free Facebook Live sessions, and you can continue to learn, share and exchange within our growing community of shamanic dreamers.

Sign up for the Online class here.

But let’s go back to that dream — especially the part about connection and loving co-creation.

It is most definitely MORE than a dream.

I couldn’t agree more with Rachel Boley in expressing the belief that “if we are operating the way we were built to operate, there is a level of love we should feel for almost everyone we meet.”

I recommend you read her piece about love and our fears around it, and find solace in knowing that no, you’re not alone.

We all share feelings of loneliness, disconnection, isolation. They feed our desire for intimacy — and yet, we’re so scared!

We’re scared to love, scared to be loved.

The answer?

The answer is in our hearts.

“We have to stop being afraid of love. In order to not fear love, we have to first not fear our own hearts. We have to first learn to trust ourselves and crack the window to our own souls before it will ever feel safe to let someone else in.”

“Until we figure out that piece, I don’t think we will ever get the kind of love and fulfillment in relationships (of any kind) we truly desire.”

Does this ring true to you?

It does to me, and it’s exactly why I’ve created Soul Mate Connections: havens of soulful connection and joyful, effortless intimacy.

The next Soul Mate Connections evening takes place this Friday, 9th December at 7pm in London (W2).

This evening is dedicated to “Heart Awakening” and promises an oasis of love and connection, away from daily stresses and hardships.

There’s no greater pleasure than to rediscover the love within, the treasures we hold in our Heart, to shine that much brighter and to be seen in this light.

You’ll gain new confidence and trust in yourself, in men and women, and discover new ways to connect in a warm, engaging atmosphere.

“It really melted that wall of separation for me, that false fear of separation… a heart-opening evening. I feel back in my body, connected to my heart and open to others.” ~ Jade

“I didn’t know what to expect at all… I connected organically and deeply with four complete strangers! I now feel relaxed and blissful! I felt safe and comforted the whole time and it sped by — usually, on a Friday after work, I want to go home to bed, but I am so glad I came… I want to come back for more!” ~ Kate

Join us and enter this new world of connection: you’ll find detailed information and a link to book your place here.

Very much look forward to seeing you, and weaving a more loving vision of ourselves and our future into being. Together. Through the Heart.

And please feel free to get in touch, if you have any questions about group or individual sessions.

All love,







P.S. We enjoyed the most nurturing, loving Women’s Circle Cacao Ceremony last week…

“I joined the women’s circle out of curiosity and looking for guidance at a time when I felt stuck in my life. I had never taken part in a Cacao ceremony and had a beautiful experience surrounded by conscious, like-minded, loving women. Cacao helps to open the heart and tune in, which combined with the energy of the group makes for a powerful opportunity to find answers within. Highly recommended to anyone interested in personal evolution and taking a break from the outside matrix.” ~ Magdalena

I’ll share more about Cacao Ceremonies and other offerings, especially for Christmas and the New Year soon.

In the meantime, please enjoy these beautiful photos, with thanks to Monika Vecerskyte of RisingHer and Movaya Photography.














P.P.S. As always, I’d love to hear more about YOU: what’s been happening in your life? What discoveries are you making? What new connections are you looking to make? Please write and share!