Shadow to Light: how do you find your way?

It’s been a long while… weeks have literally flown by!

Over the last five weeks, we’ve shared expansive Tantric practices, transformative Shamanic Dream Work, and exquisitely intimate Women’s work in festival sessions, workshops, bespoke coaching & mentoring — not to mention the all-important remote energy sessions.

Honestly, who could make it through the last few weeks without some kind of anchoring and support?!

We’re experiencing strong energies and polarization like never before.

On the one hand, we have access to unprecedented openings and delicious connection, accelerated evolution, healing and greater understanding on so many levels.

On the other hand, we experience deep darkness and despair, pain, enmity, small-mindedness and destruction.

I’ve been watching bigger-picture and more personal crises unfold — as I’m sure you have. Crazy twists and turns, wildly wonderful and abysmally awful moments, volatility and strain on the inside and the outside.

Finally, I had to admit: resistance is futile.

At this point in our collective evolution, it’s through the darkest shadows that we emerge the brightest.

It’s an intense time. And it’s difficult to bear alone.

I’ve never felt the call stronger for people to come together, form new partnerships and communities, sharing goodwill and loving intent.

How do we find our way? Through the Heart.

In every session and every group, I witness extraordinary transformation.

I could speak of all the different elements that go into the mix, special tools and processes, the kinds of connections we make, as we converse.

In reality, the transformation happens for one reason alone: the presence of love and acceptance.


This is the magic of the Heart space, and we all need a bit of help returning to it, when life becomes more challenging.

This is why I’m creating more opportunities for us to gather together, connect, find our way back to our Heart, and expand our energy.

Coming up:

Women’s Circle Cacao Ceremony “Return to the Heart” on the night of the New Moon, Tuesday, 29th November, 7pm, London W2.

We’re focussing on the Heart, feeling the love, wholeness and beauty we hold within, radiating out to the people close to us, the lives we touch, and every aspect of our own lives. There’s sharing, dancing, journeying, healing, joy and nurture, being together with our Sisters in Sacred Circle.

Soul Mate Connections “Heart Awakening” on Friday, 9th December, 7pm, London W2.

Welcome to an oasis of love and connection, away from daily stresses and hardships. There’s no greater pleasure than to rediscover the love within, the treasure you hold in your Heart. You’ll shine that much brighter, and will be seen in this light, as you awaken to new joy, confidence, and effortless, soulful connections.

“Dream Your Self Whole” Online Dream Work Class on Wednesday, 7th December, 7pm.

Looking to improve your well-being? Develop your career and relationships? Heal emotional pain? You can use your dreams to do just that. Learn dream work techniques to gain insights, experience deep healing and integration, and improve your daily life — whilst you connect with a growing community of Shamanic Dreamers.

Very much look forward to seeing you, and weaving a more loving vision of ourselves and our future into being. Through the Heart.

And please feel free to get in touch, if you have any questions about group or individual sessions.

All love,






P.S. I’d like to share with you a beautiful, heartfelt message from Jocelyn Joachim and Standing Rock. This is the wisdom of the Heart, respectful and kind to all people and to our precious planet. (You’ll find this very potent, especially if you’ve been following the situation.)

P.P.S. The main image right at the top includes photos from the London Tantra Festival, the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival in Birmingham, as well as from a farm in Yorkshire, the place where I birthed my first Shamanic Drum (also shown). Deep inner journeys and stories to share about all of the above — perhaps next time we connect.

But I’d love to hear more about YOU: what’s been happening in your life? How do you experience light and shadow? How do you find your way? Please write and share!