Cacao: Medicine of the Heart and Soul Alignment Ceremonies

Updated: 25th July 2017

I bet you love chocolate.

Perhaps you’re also aware of the many benefits of raw cacao and are enjoying it as a superfood.*

Did you know of its shamanic use?

Cacao has long been considered a teacher plant with a great capacity for opening the heart.

Sourced and prepared specially for its spiritual qualities, pure ceremonial (raw!) Cacao is a powerful tool for healing, visioning and expanding our capacity to love and be loved.

Ceremonial Cacao features in some of my Bespoke sessions and intensives in London, as well as in retreats for men and women, singles and couples, who wish to gain more clarity, heal wounds of the past, and to connect with their innate natural wisdom and love of life more strongly.

Ceremonial Cacao blends well with the range of modalities I draw from in my private and group sessions, subtly enhancing presence, sensory acuity and creativity.

One male client experienced hypnotic trance, Reiki healing, Chakra balancing, a Millennium Method reading and transmission and found deep resolution within, balancing his Inner Masculine and Feminine, working with the Inner Child and coming to understand and heal old childhood trauma.

Another male client experienced shamanic journeying, creative envisioning, setting and energising intentions in every area of his life, connecting powerfully with his soul purpose and passion, freeing his masculine power and entering fuller embodiment.

A couple was able to dive deeply into a painful transition in their relationship, and to express difficult emotions in a more sensitive and loving way. They discerned the deeper layers of their connection, the soul connection, their respective lessons and they began to work with the energy between them much more consciously, opening the way for dramatic transformation and renewed commitment to their growth, individually and together.

Exceptional transformation and profound insights occur deceptively simply, often in the course of our conversation — thanks to the refined attunement to Self and Spirit that ceremonial Cacao enables.

I find it particularly powerful to work with Cacao in Women’s Only ceremonies.**

When women gather together in sacred space and release the need for competition and comparison, a magnificent synergy arises: all women begin to resonate in a natural harmony, connecting from the heart.

As they do so, there is beautiful healing, opening and transformation, both individually and collectively. Taken with awareness and conscious intention in such a setting, Cacao greatly enhances the process.

It is important to remember that such benefits depend largely on the consciousness and the intentions of the facilitator and the group.

In my Women’s Cacao ceremonies, I hold a very intuitive space, offering gentle guidance and following the movements of subtle energy.  There is sharing, music, meditation, various types of exchange, so that we may experience:

  • a graceful, effortless way to access deep emotion and heal wounds
  • a stronger connection with our own inner wisdom, creativity, higher senses and intuition
  • increased empathic skills, energetic awareness
  • enhanced communication, heart connection and sensate awareness
  • heightened ability to envision and to manifest
  • profound feelings of Love, Peace, Joy and the presence of Grace.

I’m very passionate about this work and helping to return to a more humane and loving way of being with each other and in the world.

It’s one way to support the collective emergence of the Sacred Feminine — beneficial for all, men and women, and exactly what’s needed at this time of planetary crisis.

Curious? Want to experience the subtle, heart-opening alchemy of Cacao?

Please get in touch to arrange a Cacao ceremony for yourself, yourself and your partner or a group.

Special offering:

Ask about my Cacao Soul Alignment Ceremonies specially designed to help you:

  • align with your Soul’s purpose and higher intelligence
  • bring closure to lessons of the past
  • attune to your infinite potential
  • strengthen your system of Inner Guidance
  • envision the best way forward, especially in the most significant or challenging areas of your life
  • resource yourself for the best possible outcome in your endeavours
  • enhance your ability to connect and attract enlightened partnerships
  • nourish your intimate connection with Self and Spirit
  • strengthen your personal practice.

In addition to ceremonial Cacao, you will experience my eclectic blend of consciousness-expanding Ultimate Connection toolkit, including (but not limited!) to:

  • meditation
  • quantum energetics
  • sound & movement
  • essential oils & SoulGate Essences
  • shamanic journeying
  • intuitive counselling

This type of work is highly beneficial if you’ve got some great projects in mind or already underway and want to give them a powerful boost.***

It’s even more crucial if:

  • you’ve had to face a lot of challenges recently
  • you want to break out of destructive patterns
  • you’re at a crossroads and it’s hard to make choices
  • you’re worried about what may lie ahead
  • you’ve lost your spark
  • you want to renew yourself and open to new connections
  • you’d like better things to come your way.

See yourself here?

Contact me to arrange a Soul Alignment Cacao Ceremony.

Look forward to sharing the wondrous Cacao magic with you!

Love & blessings,





* Click here to read more about the complex chemistry of raw cacao and how it benefits human longevity, health and well-being.

** Read testimonials from Women’s Cacao Ceremonies:

and listen to Rosa speak about her very first Cacao Ceremony during the Women’s Summer Retreat in Spain last summer in the video below.

*** Not sure what The Ultimate Connection can do for you? View testimonials from men and women who’ve worked with me privately and in groups.


Photo: Red Ecuadorian Cacao Pods, considered to be one of the highest quality varieties.  The cacao used in my ceremonies is specially sourced from growers in Ecuador and Guatemala. It is as pure as can be and minimally processed, so that it retains its rich phytonutrient content and spiritual qualities with the express purpose of ceremonial use.