Energy Matters: Sexually and in Every Way

“Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions.” ~ Deepak Chopra

I couldn’t agree more.

90% of the work I do in sessions is about learning to be with and share emotions, without losing integrity, and without hurting ourselves or another. It’s a skill most of us do not learn growing up and have to develop much later in life.

We struggle to communicate and connect. We go through life carrying varying degrees of trauma, anxiety and strain, holding within us grief, anger — a whole lot of painful emotions that are not fully expressed and released.

Top that with daily stress, fast-paced living, a toxic city environment, insufficient nurture and relaxation, and there’s your mind-body-spirit alignment, emotional flow and expansive Tantric sex out the window!

E-motion = energy in motion.

Emotions show us how energy, vital life force is moving through our body at any moment in time.

In order to be healthy and vital, feel strong, centred and whole, it’s important that we restore balance, so that our energy flows freely in our bodies along the energy pathways that ancient Yogis and Taoist physicians mapped out all those centuries ago, when they identified nadis, meridians and major energy centres — the energetic design of our physiology.

As you know, I’m all for self-efficacy, self-awareness and self-regulation through perpetual learning and practice: the Queen of Self-Help!

But even I need a break sometimes, someone else to help me out for a change.

Guess my excitement when I came across a gifted medical intuitive who can:

  • see the body’s energy system and flow LITERALLY, as though with X-ray vision
  • determine EXACTLY where the irregularities are, and what’s needed to restore balance and flow
  • make the necessary adjustments REMOTELY, whilst I just sit at home, doing nothing except listen to his beautiful voice.

It felt a bit like cheating (“What, no practice?!”), but this was just too good to miss. Why resist just because it’s so EASY?

I’ve experienced both group and individual remote sessions with Andreas Goldemann and found them to be most impressive.

I was incredulous when, in his unique way, Andreas was able to release accumulated tension from my (and everybody else’s) neck and jaw in just a few minutes.

At different times during the sessions, I felt worry, sadness, anger… simply melt away.

During our individual session, I was amazed that Andreas spotted energetic imbalances as a result of a couple of falls I’d had some years ago.

He could perceive the physical, mental, emotional AND spiritual significance of these incidents and of other energy patterns in my body, and got to work on different systems, notably the musculoskeletal and nervous system, and different organs, whilst I listened and found myself feeling more and more joyful and free.

I was so impressed by his incredible gift, his depth of presence and pure healing intent, I really wanted to share with you, so that you may also experience Andreas’ work and benefit from it.

In the interview below, you’ll find out more about Andreas, how he (re)discovered his gift, and how he uses his voice, especially, to release tensions from the body.

He explains more about energy and the role of emotions in our health and well-being and addresses some very special topics, notably:

  • how surgery affects our energy
  • correspondences between our physical organs and emotions
  • anger in relation to women’s sexuality and reproductive organs
  • problems arising as a result of male circumcision
  • how sound, movement and reflection can be used to restore balance and heal.

The interview includes a short demonstration, but you can sign up for a FREE Online Masterclass, when Andreas is offering a whole hour of his magic to:

  • release tension from your cervical spine
  • relieve your nervous system of stress
  • increase your life force energy.

I could cite all the glowing testimonials that Andreas has received from working with hundreds of people all over the world, but the proof is in the pudding!

Join the FREE Online Masterclass to experience new freedom in your body!

The Masterclass takes place on Monday, 10th October at 7pm (UK) and you’ll receive instructions on how to join when you register on this page.

Don’t worry if you can’t make the live session!

By registering for the Masterclass, you gain access to the replay, so that you can receive the energetic transmission and enjoy the exact same benefits as those on the live session.

You’ll also receive a special FREE Gift from Andreas, designed to enhance your experience further.

Questions? Feel free to e-mail me and I’ll be happy to help.

Honestly, you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

I look forward to connecting with you again soon, hearing how you experience Andreas Goldemann’s work and the kinds of shifts you’ve noticed in yourself. Sexually and otherwise.

Love & blessings,






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P.P.S. Do you have any specific questions for Andreas? Particular challenges that you’d like him to help with? Drop me a line for an introduction.