Autumn Equinox: Balance, Blessings and Intentions

Surrendering to my night-owl tendencies, I wait till late at night to write that special Autumn Equinox message that has been brewing all day long.

It truly is a special day. And night.

Light and dark perfectly balanced.

Harvest time.

Are you dreading or celebrating this time of reaping what you’ve sown?

If you’re experiencing some form of chaos at this time — miscommunication, thwarted plans, cash flow issues, problems with transport and technology, unexpected revelations, relationship challenges, old wounding and unresolved emotions rising up unexpected — you can blame it on Mercury Retrograde and allow yourself  momentary relief.

Then take a closer look.

Maybe terrible upheaval is a blessing in disguise.

No matter what the situation, you can choose how you respond to it.

Choose to see challenges as opportunities for learning and growth.

  • As you observe disharmony in yourself and around you, can you discern those choices, belief systems, behaviours and actions that have contributed to it?
  • It’s possible you could not have chosen differently before, but is there some learning you can take away from your present experience, now that you can see the bigger picture?
  • What would you prefer to experience? What are your intentions for the future? What changes are you willing to make to move in this new direction?

Transformation begins with acceptance.

It’s often difficult to own our own emotions and actions. There are so many pitfalls — from self-criticism, guilt and attaching blame to blissful ignorance, suppression or avoidance — that may prevent us from simply accepting what is.

Underneath it all, there’s pain and fear — which must make contact with and embrace, in order to heal and empower ourselves.

Become your own healer.

Your medicine is self-love and acceptance. Self-compassion.

This is how you heal yourself. Think of it as balm for the soul — and apply generously!

If you can find forgiveness in your heart, that’s even better. If not, forgive yourself for being unable to forgive.

Then set about making new choices. Take action. Live out your intentions.

Dreams remain dreams, if they do not generate intentions and actions. Being a conscious co-creator of your life means you actually CREATE things.

You can magnetize resources and opportunities by entering a state of flow and synchronicity (more on this later), but you still have work to do!

Take pleasure in making manifest those impulses of the Divine creative spark that YOU embody.

Your experiences will mirror back to you how you’re doing. How aligned with Source and Self you truly are.

You’ll know how to adjust your course by reviewing the consequences of your new choices and actions.

“As you sow, so shall you reap” — which brings us full circle, except for one last sprinkle of magic…

Whatever happens, be grateful.

Feelings of gratitude bring you into vibrational alignment with the Divine Order of all things, and your true nature of well-being and joy.

Choosing acceptance and gratitude open you to a state of Grace and synchronicity, so that you may enjoy co-creating more positive experiences for yourself — often with less effort. This is being in flow.

Trust the Higher Intelligence that maintains perfect balance in the Cosmos.

Remind yourself of the precision of grand planetary movements; the magic that is photosynthesis; all the incredibly complex functions that take place in every organ, tissue and cell of your own body.

Very little for you to control; so much for you to feel grateful for…

Whatever your harvest, however balanced you feel right now, take a moment to offer gratitude and blessings.

  • Bless yourself — or an aspect of yourself that’s currently causing you pain or pleasure.
  • Bless someone close to you — no matter how you feel about them right now.
  • Bless a situation — however positive or negative, close or distant it seems.

Finish with the ultimate blessing: I LOVE YOU.

Say it like you mean it. Towards yourself.

And let me know what happens next!

Love and blessings,






P.S. How are you experiencing life at this time? What are your greatest challenges and breakthroughs? Please write and share: I’d love to hear from you!

P.P.S. For most of us, the move towards more self-love and compassion entails getting in touch with our feminine side. I’m so heartened by the efforts of Women, especially, who are helping to bring more wisdom, balance and synergy into their lives and their communities through heart-centered action. In my recent piece for RisingHer, I share a couple of examples, which I hope will inspire and uplift you. Feel free to drop me a line and share your thoughts.