Find the missing link with The Ultimate Connection Coaching

“To be great, be whole;
Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you.
Be whole in everything. Put all you are
Into the smallest thing you do.
So, in each lake, the moon shines with splendor
Because it blooms up above.”

― Fernando Pessoa

I’m often asked: what exactly is “The Ultimate Connection”?

My nutshell definition is that “The Ultimate Connection Coaching® is an approach to personal and transpersonal evolution and integration with an emphasis on relationships, sexuality, creativity and spirituality.” One that employs a very diverse range of modalities with the purpose of transcending limitations and enhancing your ability to manifest the life and love you truly deserve.

Please allow me to elucidate further.

The Ultimate Connection is your own model to wholeness. Your personal journey to meaningful, authentic and passionate living and loving.

The Ultimate Connection Coaching® connects you with YOU. The REAL You.

You may have had to struggle with pain and trauma in the past; adverse events and negative role models; influences that have caused you pain or alienation.

Whether you barely coped or were able to emerge from the challenge all the stronger, you’re probably still sensing the shadow of memories and unexpressed potential, and you’re not feeling entirely authentic in your choices in life and relationships.

You long to be free from the reactivity of the past, free from outside imperatives, free to express your highest potential and enjoy the best in life and love.

You may have attended workshops, consulted therapists and counselors and, hopefully, made good progress in your personal development. And yet, something in you remains unfulfilled. Deep down you know: there’s more.

The Ultimate Connection Coaching® takes you to that deep place of truth, presence and love that is your intrinsic essence.

In true Tantric fashion, when you come for a session you enter a sacred space, where you are beheld in perfection and wholeness, an extension of the Divine.

That, in itself, is an enormous healing.

We focus on the present and take a close look at your current circumstances and life experience.

Sessions offer you a non-judgemental, loving and creative space, where you can explore the totality of your life experience, namely

  • home and physical environment
  • friends, family and community
  • romance and intimate relationships
  • health and well-being
  • personal development and spirituality
  • creative self-expression and nourishing past-times
  • work, career and abundance.

You will gain perspective, discern opportunities, and map out a way forward that is more aligned with your authentic Self, your gifts and talents, the best of who you are.

Highly insightful and inspirational coaching conversations make use of NLP, meditation, music/sound, and subtle energy work to elevate your mood and awareness; profiling tools, such as Human Design and StrengthsFinder®, help you to see both expressed and unexpressed potential more clearly, so that you may envision your highest expression and new ways to make your mark in the world — whether you’d like to be an enlightened leader, find your true calling, or the love of your life.

The Ultimate Connection Coaching® teaches you how to engage all three dimensions of your mind: not only your “ordinary” cognition, but also your sub-conscious and super-conscious intelligence.

If you’re able to exercise your will-power effectively, you’ll notice how your conscious efforts are driving your decisions and actions, yielding positive results.

If you’re experiencing procrastination, self-sabotage, unwanted habits and behaviours, that’ll be your sub-conscious mind driving your decisions and actions, running negative programmes, against your conscious wishes. (You can turn this around, luckily, and enjoy fantastic results through engaging your sub-conscious intelligence positively – in these sessions, NLP and hypnosis help you to do so.)

There’s a third driver. Your Soul.

Intuitive guidance, meditation, hypnosis, dream-work and other consciousness tools help you to make the connection with all three, but especially the ULTIMATE driver of your life, your Soul with all that it contains and desires to express through YOU.

Healing and balancing essential oil blends, ceremonial cacao, Taoist, shamanic and quantum energy practices, and breath-, sound- and movement meditation techniques may be used, as needed, to assist this new emergence.

“Suffering is due to our disconnection with the inner soul. Meditation is establishing that connection.”

– Amit Ray

As the saying goes, you’re not a human being, having a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being, having a human experience.

Your unique Soul qualities and essence are where your TRUE power lies.

Here you’ll also find the source of your creativity and zest for life, and the key to living purposefully, and enjoying more liberating and fulfilling relationships.

It may take you many lifetimes, or just this one to recognize the life lessons and gifts your Soul carries, and consciously align your will and intelligence with this greater aspect of yourself.

You have a powerful system of inner guidance, and when you begin to listen and respond with consistency, you become a unified creative force: integrated and whole, able to make positive changes in your life and the lives of others.

“This [soul] connection gives you access to your intuition, your heartfelt desires, your integrity, and the inspiration to create a life you love.”

– Sarah McLean

I myself arrived at this recognition after years and years of dissatisfaction, feeling something was missing and searching for a deeper truth — this is despite doing all the “right” things and leading a pretty good life, by most people’s standards. Deep down, I knew there was more. When I finally made the connection and consciously committed to following my Soul’s calling, the magic kicked in big time…

I share more on this page, but I’ll keep it brief and just say that I rode an enormous wave of transformation, changing EVERYTHING: career, friends, community, where I live, lifestyle, my health and well-being, relationships. The lot.

Transformation became my middle name, and I just kept emerging new again and again — by no means without challenges. Still, I had an advantage. Two advantages, actually.

No. 1: Inner guidance. No mistaking the voice of my Soul… I could doubt myself all I wanted; my intuition and sense of trust got stronger and stronger.

No. 2: Soulmates. LOADS of them! Everywhere life took me, I made the most incredible, serendipitous connections (yes, romantic ones included and, yes, you have more than one soulmate), each of them opening up whole new worlds of experience. Everywhere I go, I meet more members of my Soul family, showing up to support and inspire me.

Finally: no more existential angst!

The world makes a lot more sense, when you can see beyond surface divisions through to the underlying unity, where everything is an extension of one consciousness, and you realize you’re… ready for this?… God.

The journey is by no means over… I say, the best is yet to come!

Where does Tantra come in?

It is understood that through Tantric practice, two people can become soulmates.

From what I’ve seen, getting together with a soulmate is the easy part.

It’s the Tantric part that is more challenging, but when two soulmates create a sacred container and perform Tantric Alchemy, everything turns distinctly cosmic: pure magic.

This has been my experience and I know it can be yours too, if you choose it.

The Ultimate Connection Coaching® has a non-dual, Tantric and Taoist foundation.

“Through practice I came to understand that love is the source of all – love that is unconditional and selfless: love which is totally free. Qi came into being, flowing out of unconditional love. From timelessness, from wuji, qi created the universe. From a non-definable reality, yin and yang, the world of duality, came into being. Wuji became taiji. Yin qi and yang qi blended together and gave birth to the universe. It is qi that created the universe and it is unconditional love that gave birth to qi.”

— Li Jun Feng

Tantric and Taoist principles and practices are used at every turn to support your journey to Self and Divine, and systematically applied in day-to-day living, especially in the area of relationships.

Every day becomes a meditation and your intimate partnership becomes the alchemical crucible that enables you and your soulmate to rise in love and consciousness,  discover the true nature of reality, and become conscious co-creators in life.

Yes, there are challenges! And I’m here to help you through them.

Back to you then. Ready to make the connection?

I’ll help you with the “how do I make the connection?” part. I’ll help you with the “what do I do next?” part also. You’ll notice differences instantly.

You’ll know you’ve made the connection, by the way

  • Your intuition is stronger and you make better choices.
  • You are more confident and motivated to take positive action.
  • You are less anxious and fearful.
  • You have greater self-esteem and optimism.
  • You know where to put your energy and what to let go of.
  • You attract more support for your causes — both people and resources.
  • You discern the deeper truth in situations and relationships.
  • You are able to connect and communicate more lovingly and authentically.
  • You make more soulmate connections and creative partnerships.
  • Your intimate relationships are deeper and more satisfying.

The Ultimate Connection Coaching® helps you translate the most subtle movements of energy and consciousness into pragmatic, actionable steps that make a tangible difference in your life.

Clients report all of the above and also:

  • Enhanced self-awareness, clarity and peace of mind.
  • Stronger sense of purpose.
  • Feeling inspired and motivated to apply new knowledge and tools, and make positive changes.
  • More confident decision making.
  • Enhanced self-esteem and confidence — in business, in relationship, socially.
  • More effective at communicating needs, desires, emotions.
  • Fewer conflicts and better at resolving them.
  • Enhanced creativity, artistry and self-expression.
  • Improved problem-solving.
  • Increased personal magnetism, attracting new connections.
  • Enhanced leadership qualities.
  • Less fear, stress and anxiety.
  • More productive and effective.
  • Better able to enjoy a balanced lifestyle.
  • Less judgemental, more compassionate towards self and others.
  • Better integrated sexuality and more authentic sexual expression.
  • Expansive “peak” and transpersonal experiences.

Here are some client testimonials:

“In just one 90-minute Skype session, Elena helped me understand my own limiting patterns and to know how to step into my own innate power—which I’d been hiding from. I’m now ready to come from a different, a fuller part of me and ready to reclaim my sexual vitality!” ~ Alan

“The session really made me think about the big picture of my life and how I deal with things, about how much I have going on for me and how much I have to offer the world… I was able to respond better to stressful situations, more calmly and rationally. This first session also caused me to question spiritual aspects of my life and what I believe in, which I never imagined could happen. I’ve started thinking about myself in a new way in terms of sexuality, again questioning things I’ve done in the past and how I want to be in the future. I definitely feel more positive in my outlook.” ~ Jimmy

“The sessions with Elena are amazing… She creates a context of trust and warmth that enables an opening up — she has an uncanny, almost magical ability to say the right thing or suggest the right exercise at the right time. I have worked with many highly skilled practitioners but Elena’s instinct/talent to help me find the right frame or question is beyond compare…

People are reacting differently to me because I am so much more present. When I think back to the experiences we reran it still evokes a level of feeling and emotion that I have just not been feeling—it’s so fantastic—and my choices are clearer than ever…

I have recognised some of the deeply held, but self-limiting beliefs that I have been working with. More importantly, I am more in touch with my true self and this is translating into me being more expressive in both my work and personal life — with great results already and even more to come.” ~ John

View more testimonials on this page and get to know:

  • Rebecca, who found (and married!) her soulmate,
  • Klaus, who saved his marriage,
  • Mieko, who found spiritual and philosophical inspiration and help dealing with old childhood scars,

and many more men and women who have worked with me individually and in workshops, emerging more empowered and whole.

“Healing is the return of the memory of wholeness. Healing, health, whole and holy all mean inclusiveness. Body, mind, spirit, environment, relationships, social interactions are all one wholeness, and you’re a part of that one wholeness.”

— Deepak Chopra

If you’re seeking wholeness, integration, deep intimacy and the kind of love and purpose that empower you to take on all manner of challenges in life, you’re at the right place.

Book your half-day, full-day or online Ultimate Connection session here — and take advantage of the limited time offers currently available. Then contact me to discuss the specifics of your session.

Or contact me for a complementary decision-making call via phone or Skype.

Look forward to meeting you soon!

Love & blessings,






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