Summer Magic ~ with Heart and Soul…

What can I say… This summer has just been magical. Beyond magical.

The Women’s Retreat in Spain was a dream come true in ways that exceeded every expectation.

Even the sacred San Pedro Cactus, guardian of Hidden Paradise, flowered for the first time in 15 years the very day we arrived!

These photos and testimonial give you just a tiny taste of a truly magical event.

Want to know what made it so?

I’ll give you ONE word for it. It’s a Greek word. One that’s worth getting to know intimately.

Μεράκι (pronounced: meráki).

You do or make something with meráki when you pour so much love, care and creativity, so much of your heart and soul into it that it becomes imbued with your essence. It becomes part of you.

This is magic. Soul magic…

And that’s how the retreat came into being. From its initial conception through to its development and ultimate, co-creative unfolding, it was created with meráki.

No wonder it was powerful!


Every single Woman cared so very deeply and committed so wholeheartedly to being present and doing her best…

Because we put our heart and soul in every moment:

  • we found opportunities for more love and connection, where there had been closure and pain;
  • we found clarity and purpose, where there had been confusion and loss;
  • we found our radiant power, where we had imagined ourselves small;

and we began to experience extraordinary inner and outer transformation.

  • Are you getting tired of things not working out?
  • Looking for answers? A way out?
  • Unhappy with your decisions? Not quite there with your relationships?

In  “Find the Missing Link” I share a little more of my own story to explain how “The Ultimate Connection” came about and what you stand to gain by choosing the path of self-discovery and conscious alignment with your Soul.

In Fernando Pessoa’s words:

“To be great, be whole;
Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you.
Be whole in everything. Put all you are
Into the smallest thing you do.
So, in each lake, the moon shines with splendor
Because it blooms up above.”

This is the magic of integration that liberates and completes you.

Will you awaken to your inner power and wisdom?

Read more and find the missing link.

Speaking of integration, inner power and wisdom…

Do you dream? Do you remember your dreams?

Your dreams are the meeting place of all those dimensions of awareness that make you YOU — your conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious intelligence.

Dream-work is a powerful, direct and fast way to wake up to what’s REALLY going on for us, and grow both psychologically and spiritually.

I’d argue that one shamanic dream-work session equals several psychotherapy sessions, in terms of increased self-awareness, release of mental and emotional tension and psychic integration.

You’re welcome to join the Shamanic Dream Circle on Tuesday, 23rd August, 7- 9:30pm.

I’ll share with you shamanic techniques to decode and “build” your dreams, so that you gain increased self-awareness, integration and release of inner tensions, and are better able to manifest the kinds of experiences you’d love to have, becoming the CONSCIOUS dreamer of your life.

Even if you don’t remember your dreams now, learning these tools will help you start remembering them and benefit from doing so. For the more advanced, this may well open up your lucid dreaming capacity.

Read more and register on this page.

So there we are: we start with magic, end up integrated. That’s REAL magic for you!

Please remember: I’m always interested to hear more about your journey, available to answer your questions and find ways to be of service. Just drop me a line, and we go from there.

Connect again soon!

With love,





P.S. This summer is even more special for a… Summer Sale! You’ll find details of my signature immersive coaching sessions, as well as a number of new types of sessions, online and special interest (“Introduction to Tantra” and “A Touch of Magic”),  under the different categories on this page—all discounted! Discounted rates apply until the 30th August. Please note: sessions booked this month may be taken up no later than the 12th September.

P.P.S. I have been a busy bee and written a couple more blog pieces* that you probably haven’t seen!  “Friends for life” addresses women’s friendships, how they differ to men’s friendships and why they are hugely important (some personal sharing in here too). “Repeat after me: I AM ENOUGH” highlights the no. 1 cause of human pain and suffering AND offers some very potent remedial measures, hypnotically delivered by celebrity therapist, Marisa Peer.
Did you know I’m a hypnotherapist also? I use NLP, hypnosis and cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy with clients who wish to work in this way. A course of sessions is typically required for best results. Curious to find out more? Call me on 07576 366 197 to discuss.

*Written for RisingHer, an exciting new initiative for feminine empowerment.