Shamanic Dream Circle: Unlock Secret Keys to Your Happiness

Do you dream a lot?

Or struggle to remember your dreams?

Whether or not you remember your dreams, you have several every night.

The dream world is where your conscious, sub-conscious, and super-conscious meet. There are many different types of dreams, and every single one holds valuable information to support your psychological and spiritual growth, as well as your effectiveness in waking reality.

Join Elena Angel for a fun and insightful evening of dream decoding and dream weaving, using shamanic techniques, on Tuesday, 23rd August.

Even if you’re not a big dreamer now, using these techniques will enhance your ability to remember your dreams and to work with them creatively.

You will be able to use the Shamanic Dream Decoding Wheels you will receive to continue to work with your dreams on your own. You may also find this workshop opens the way to lucid dreaming.

Read more and register on the event page.