Repeat after me: I AM ENOUGH. (Hypnosis for more love, success, happiness.)

Marisa Peer is an impressive woman.

Marisa is the one they call, when there’s no hope left.

Marisa is a celebrity hypnotherapist. Having spent 25 years working with an extensive client list including royalty, rock stars, Hollywood actors, Olympic athletes, CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies and political leaders, she’s committed to bridge the gap between 99% of the population and the top 1% of super-achievers she works with, so that everyone, all of us, can enjoy confidence, happiness and success.

How does she do this?

Incredibly simply.

Marisa Peer put her finger on the primary cause of our human failures and suffering. That and understanding how our mind works make for a deceptively simple approach to healing and personal empowerment.

The videos I’ve compiled for you below illustrate the steps you can take to overcome challenges and open up new possibilities for yourself.

I must warn you.

Marisa’s message is tremendously empowering. It’s also very poignant.

She tells stories of enormous pain and lovelessness, showing how women (and men!) come to believe that we’re simply “not enough” — and suffer terribly for it.

You’ll hear how a profound lack of self-worth can lead to isolation. Addictions. Psychological disorders. Poverty. Abusive relationships. Even suicide.

The story of the actress who was reduced to consuming cotton wool and paper, instead of food, and nearly choked on toilet tissue was as heartbreaking, as it was incredulous…

Marisa’s own daughter was told she’s “a waste of space” in her first year at school, and more than one woman in Marisa’s retelling had to stand up against authorities that sought to undermine, instead of enhance, the women’s health and well-being.

There’s special mention of fertility, pregnancy, birth, antenatal and postnatal care in the second video on this playlist.

As sad as the stories may be, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Marisa illustrates how the mind works, and how powerful hypnosis can be in transforming those negative beliefs at the heart of humanity’s failures and pain.

She uses simple, but potent, affirmations, starting with the obvious:


Miracles happen simply by speaking more kindly and positively to ourselves, offering praise and encouragement.

Changing our inner talk and creating positive images in our minds is crucial to our success: this is how we can use the mind to create all those things we want to enjoy in life: love, abundance, health, peace, joy…

The last video summarizes Marisa’s stepping stones to a happier, healthier life.

I, myself, have been using hypnosis and affirmations extensively , ever since I discovered them in my early 20s — and still do so, daily! — with noticeable benefits.

In my coaching practice, I employ NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), hypnosis and cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy in way that’s similar to Marisa’s, helping you to change negative programming, gain more control over your life, and create more positive experiences for yourself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the mind, and how to use hypnosis and affirmations to create better experiences, more love, success and happiness in your life.

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Article written for (August 2016).