The BEST Greek Salad (and why you need to go on retreat)

“The best Greek salad = The one served by the sea”, I declared publicly. (On Facebook.)

Sometimes, you just need a bit of time out. A change of perspective.

Space to be yourself. Breathe more freely. Come back to your senses.

You begin to appreciate all that you are and all that you have.

Then, you can get creative about what else is possible for you.

Well, I took my own advice and gave myself some space.

Don’t get me wrong: I love cities. I love London.

All the buzz, the culture, the people.

BUT doesn’t it stress you out?

Rushing around, losing all semblance of natural rhythm, a hurried existence led by never-ending commitments and deadlines?

NEVER mind the quality of air and water, the light pollution, the electromagnetic pollution, all the noise, the information overload…

The fact is, living in a city wears us out.

Our nervous system is overstimulated, our adrenals suffering and hormones, typically, all over the place. NO wonder we suffer: mentally, physically, emotionally. And so do our relationships and everything we’d love to give the BEST of ourselves to.

This is why, if you

  • need to recharge
  • make important decisions
  • want to reinvent yourself

you want to go on a RETREAT that gives you the space to

  • de-stress and regain balance
  • get perspective
  • reconnect with yourself and nature

so that you can map your way forward with clear vision, fresh energy and focus.

That’s what you get with  “Luminary Emergence” Women’s Summer Retreat at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Southern Spain, where I’m holding a visionary, heart-opening, Cacao Ceremony and three Special Sessions:

Your Life Plan, Your Soul’s Path
The different areas of your life, past, present and future, in perspective. Understand challenges, clarify your vision, align with your Soul’s directive in setting goals, and learn practical and spiritual tools to help you achieve them.

From Dream to Reality
Learn how to decode your dreams to increase self-awareness and gain access to the full dynamic of your psyche. Shamanic dream-work supports your personal and spiritual development, and enables you to engage both super-conscious and sub-conscious mind positively, empowering you to manifest your new dream reality.

Tantra, Soul Mate Connections and Enlightened Partnerships
Discover what is possible in the area of relationships: attract a new partner, or develop existing relationships, so that you may enjoy new levels of soulful intimacy, deepen love and open to transcendence.

PLUS the fabulous Sarah Rose Bright, Samjhana Moon and Ma Antar Kiya are holding special sessions designed to enhance self love and acceptance, body-confidence, all-round health and well-being, whilst we strengthen our connection to our true Self and feminine essence.

Sarah Rose Bright shares from the heart in a recent interview: hers has been an incredible journey from struggle and self-loathing to self-love and empowerment. Part of a new interview series dedicated to Feminine Empowerment, also including interviews with Samjhana Moon, Maria Karpasitis and Catherine Hale.

Read more about everything that “Luminary Emergence” Women’s Summer Retreat has to offer on this page.

The retreat commences in ONE week’s time, on Wednesday, 20th July and a beautiful group of women has gathered for what promises to be the experience of a lifetime. If you’re feeling the call and would like to join, it may just be possible, if you get in touch quickly. Please e-mail me asap for details.

And if you’re NOT a WOMAN, or just interested in more ways of getting that all-important perspective and clarity, look out for my next newsletter:

You’ll find details of my latest Special Sessions and my signature “Londoner” Coaching Days topped with irresistible offers—it’s my very own Summer Sale!

And on this note, it’s back to the sound of waves rolling for me — and that salad…

Connect again soon!

With love,






P.S. There’s a very interesting article on “Why Women need a Tribe” with some powerful statements. The evidence suggests that women experience stress differently from men, and gain enormously from female friendships and support networks — the “sisterhood”. Read the article here.
P.P.S. There’s a video too. Enjoy!