“Woman – Luminary”: New interview series supporting feminine empowerment

I’m delighted to present to you a new interview series, entitled “Woman ~ Luminary” featuring female practitioners, pioneers in what I call the “New Feminine Emergence”, a movement towards more soulful and integrated ways to live, work and play.

These interviews trace the personal and professional transformation of women who have succeeded in changing their lives for the better, and now help to transform the lives of others.

Sarah Rose Bright, Catherine Hale, Samjhana Moon and Maria Karpasitis showcase how success and fulfillment are possible in ways that are more holistic, balanced and caring.

They’re living, breathing examples of a more feminine way of being in the world: trusting their intuition, being creative, offering beauty and loving service.

These women share their journeys of discovery and authentic self-expression. They have had to heal wounds, get out of struggle, and redefine female beauty and sexuality.

Theirs is a journey to self-love and acceptance.

You’ll hear how these women have found ways to balance family, career, health & well-being, career, spirituality, as they share with us their major challenges, as well as the kinds of support and the practices that nurture and support them.

You will also discover the special significance of Women’s Circles, ceremony and sacred space, and how you may reclaim your feminine power and integrate sexuality and spirituality.

You’ll see the impact of moving forward with more clarity, trust, confidence, self-esteem and self-love and how you, being a woman, can enjoy a happier, more fruitful life and career, and more satisfying relationships.

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“Luminary Emergence” is a Women’s Only Summer Retreat: an opportunity to recharge, discover the pleasure and nurture of the feminine, and gain the clarity and energy to power your vision for the future.

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