Luminary Emergence: The Retreat For Women Who Are Ready To Shine!

I’m delighted to announce a new Women’s Retreat this summer:

‘Luminary Emergence: Liberate your Feminine Gifts’ Women’s Summer Retreat takes place from the 20th to the 26th July 2016 at the ‘Hidden Paradise’ Retreat Centre, located in ‘Las Alpujarras’ – the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Southern Spain (approximately one hour from Granada and less than two hours from Malaga airports).

A woman is radiant and happy when she’s:

  • feeling at ease in her body
  • confident sexually, open to pleasure
  • in flow, enjoying balance in her life
  • clear in her vision, well-supported in pursuing her soul’s calling
  • able to connect deeply with her innermost self and with others
  • loved and in love
  • free to create the beauty she’d like to see around her.

You may have turned into an expert at juggling your daily demands and responsibilities BUT are you in touch with that sweet vibrant part of yourself?

Don’t let life make you hard.

It’s time for you to shine! Be the radiant, passionate, soulful, creative woman you truly are.

‘Luminary Emergence’ Women’s Summer Retreat is an invitation for you to take time off from your daily pressures and rejuvenate.

Recharge, reinvent yourself, and discover the deep pleasure and nurture of connecting honestly and intimately with other women.

Led by Elena Angel and featuring a dream-team of co-facilitators:

  • Sarah Rose Bright ~ BodyLove, Sex & Pleasure coaching
  • Samjhana Moon ~ Menstruation and Feminine Flow
  • Karolina Arkali (Ma Antar Kiya) ~ Yoga, Meditation & Healing

in what promises to be the experience of a lifetime.

View interviews with Samjhana Moon and Sarah Rose Bright, as part of the “Woman – Luminary” interview series on YouTube.

Find out more and join the Women’s Summer Retreat in Hidden Paradise.