LOVE is all you need. Or is it? The other dimension of love and connection.

“All you need is luuurve…”, sang The Beatles in my head, as I glanced at the rainbow-coloured cover…

It being about love and all, I picked up the book to have a closer look.











Love poetry hit me in hot pink.

“I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love.” ~ William Blake

“I love you without knowing
how, or when, or from
where. I love you simply,
without problems or pride.”

~ Pablo Neruda

Was it Neruda?

Barry White was now singing in my head, a different kind of luuuurve song, but, hey, there are many different kinds of love, right?

My inquisitive mind interrupted Barry: is love really all we need?

I was reminded of something I’d written a little while ago about “Connection: what it is, what it isn’t, why you need it and how to feel it.”

If you haven’t read it recently (or at all), I’d love you to read it and let me know your thoughts.

Just briefly, I’m looking at Brené Brown’s approach. She suggests that, as human beings, we’re hardwired (as in, biologically, neurologically designed) for connection, and she defines the latter as

“the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”

Which I’d agree with (would you?) — and there are further important aspects that come into play, as you’ll see on the blog, but on this particular day, as I held that little book in my hands and felt into LOVE and CONNECTION in my heart, I came to realize that

The feeling of CONNECTION is the awakening to the deep LOVE that is ALWAYS present.


Everywhere. In you. In me. In nature. In and between us all.

Deeper than what?

Appearances. Perceptions. All the niggling doubts and fears, the inner critic, the voices in the head (NOT Barry White!) that weave stories of separation.

What this means is that you don’t need love at all.

You ARE love. Just not always aware of it.

I bet you’ve had moments, at the very least, of being in this special state.

Aware of that invisible communion, sensing the undivided presence of love.

Remember the feeling? The sensation of connection?

If you’re feeling it now, I know you’ll appreciate a whole day of it!

And if you aren’t, all the more reason to join me this Saturday, 2nd July for a Day of Soul Mate Connections — even more luscious than you’d imagine, thanks to the Ceremonial Cacao and Sound Bath.

Here’s an opportunity to let go of the mind chatter, drop into your body and connect in fresh, soulful and playful ways that will refresh and delight you.

Ceremonial Cacao helps us to expand and connect in the heart space. Then there’s much fun to be had with music and dance, and also time to relax deeply, bathed in soothing, healing sounds during the Sound Bath, facilitated by the lovely Sandy Lau, Reiki Master and Sound Healer.

However experienced (or inexperienced) you are in this kind of thing, you’ll feel right at home, and find pleasure in reconnecting with the “hidden treasure”, the love in your heart, and in sharing with others.

Read more and register here.

You’ll receive more detailed joining info. on registration ~ please note: there won’t be any tickets at the door, so please sign up online now!

If you have any questions about this event, or other ways I can help you invite more love and connection into your life, just e-mail me or call me on 07576 366 197 and I’ll be happy to help.

Very much look forward to seeing you!

Love, always,






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P.P.S. One final line. Sing it any way you like!