Know your ENERGY — and LOVE it! How understanding energy and your energy type enhances your life and relationships.

You know the feeling, when you go into a room, meet someone’s eyes and just looooove the energy?

Perhaps you’re one of those people who are often praised for having a “beautiful” energy.

Or maybe you’ve had some negative experiences, and found yourself in situations and with people whose energy didn’t feel good at all.

But what does any of this actually mean?

What most of us refer to when using such words is the perceived effect that a space, person or interaction has on us.

We like someone’s energy, when we feel good around them.
We dislike someone’s energy, when the opposite is true.
And we tend to use the word “energy”, when we can’t put our finger on what it is exactly that we like or dislike.

We sense a certain ambience. An atmosphere.

We feel it in our body. In the heart, the gut or somewhere in our being and it feels very real — though not necessarily rational.

It’s an impression that touches us deeply enough to evoke certain sensations and emotions. A noticeable change of state.

Let me tell you: it’s pretty real.

What Tantra, Taoism, shamanism and many other evolutionary paths reveal is that this “energy”, however subtle it may seem, is precisely the level of life or reality to become attuned to and consciously engage with, in order to become true masters of ourselves and co-create our destiny.

And just as there is extraordinary biodiversity on our beautiful planet and so very many different life-forms, subtle energy can also express and be perceived in a multitude of ways.

This explains how different schools use different energy systems (e.g. different chakra systems) and work with particular energy pathways, types of energy, energetic functions and practices, in order to bring about a change in ourselves, our inner landscape (e.g. heal a condition, transform an emotion), or our circumstances, our outer landscape (e.g. improve a relationship, increase abundance).

In my private coaching and mentoring, my workshops and retreats, as well as my meditation recordings, you will experience a rich spectrum of practices and energy-work, from ultra-dynamic to ultra-subtle — each with different benefits, all serving to enhance self-awareness and enable transformation.

I often use profiling tools and energetic typology systems to support this process. These help you to understand yourself better and tap into latent potential and unexpressed qualities and resources, so that you may draw from these to improve and enrich your life experience — your health and well-being, career, family, romance, creativity.

With better awareness, clear vision and the right energy, you’ll be eager to embark on the kinds of pursuits that fulfill you and bring you more pleasure and joy.

To give you a better idea, let me share with you an energetic typology by Carol Tuttle, an impressive energy-worker, best known for her chakra healing method.

Her system makes reference to certain Taoist principles, notably the elements and the yin/yang polarity, although the correspondences are not fully consistent.

I do love the way in which she explains energy as a quality and direction of movement, and shows energetic expressions in relation to more familiar and obvious natural forces and building blocks.

Carol explains how certain personality traits are relevant to our energy type, and I find her take on masculine and feminine qualities and polarity very refreshing, indeed.

She shares a little of her story, which may well resonate with you.

Carol had to struggle to overcome notions of what it means to be a woman, just as her husband was challenged by expectations of him, as a man.

Understanding their individual energies and qualities from a more balanced, natural perspective, both Carol and her husband were finally able to give themselves permission to be who they are. They began to cherish their individuality and differences, and were able to relate in more harmonious ways.

Could this be you too?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this energy system, and some ways in which you intend to implement the insights you gain.

Please do write and share!

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See you very soon!

Love & blessings,






P.S. The Women’s Circle meets again on Tuesday, 14th June in London. On this occasion, we’re joined by Samjhana Moon, a beautiful soul-sister, photographic artist and natural cycles mentor. Samjhana helps women align with nature’s rhythm and live a juicy, fulfilled life by working with hormonal and lunar tides. Open to any woman wishing to attend! Read more and register here. Your ticket includes a free gift from Samjhana — find out more on this page.

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