Women’s Womb, Women’s Wisdom, Women’s Creative Power

One fine evening, I was tuning in, as a woman does…

It was time for another Women’s Circle Cacao Ceremony and I hadn’t yet received the theme for it.

And then, it came.  Womb healing.

It was something of a surprise! Despite my work in the area of sexuality — sacred sexuality, at that — I had forgotten my own womb!

Previously, I’d taken the time to meditate and bring awareness and energy into my womb (in Taoist style), but more recently my personal practice had veered away from this powerful centre.

Well, that was about to change…

Not long after I received this guidance, I attended another ceremony and (a little less surprisingly this time!) I experienced deep healing and more insight into the sacred nature of the womb and what it means to be a woman, blessed with the power to create and give life.

So, what is the spiritual significance of the womb? What is the healing about? Why must we honour our womanhood and the womb, and create ceremonial space?

I found much of what I discovered through my own exploration and my experience of working with women expressed beautifully by Larry Merculieff, messenger of the Aleut elders:

“Women are being called now to restore their own centre of power…you still hold the sacredness within your bodies, in the womb. All things…come from the Womb at the Centre of the Universe and the identical Womb is in every woman. That field of Sacred power from the Centre of the Universe which has the power of creation and creativity…nothing new can be created without the Sacred power of the Feminine…without restoring the Sacred Feminine nothing new is going to occur in this world… we can’t think ourselves out of these problems…women can take the vibration, the Holy Sacredness within their Womb, when they work together in ceremony, and put that Womb out here…so that a Sacred container is created in the ceremonial space for something new to be birthed.”

Do you sense the truth of this message? Does it resonate deep inside your body and being?

Our womb carries that special, life-giving vibration. It is truly sacred.

When we drop into our bodies and connect with the womb, we come into contact with our innate wisdom and power to manifest, bring to life all manner of creations.

What could go wrong?

Most of us carry wounding.

Every woman I know carries some trauma around pregnancy or birth — her own or ancestral.

So many women agonise over having or not having children; menstrual problems; infertility; fibroids; polycystic ovaries and other conditions affecting women’s sexual health and hormonal balance.

Women carry energetic imprints of their sexual partners and the trauma of unloving or unconscious sexual encounters — not to mention sexual abuse, which is far more common that we would like to think.

Then, there’s our conditioning. Aeons of oppressive patriarchy through to modern pornography, media and advertising promote sexual role models and values that distort our perception of ourselves and our sexuality — a far cry from the sacred sexuality the Aleut elders (and many other shamanic, yogic and other spiritual teachings) speak of.

All this must be healed.

One shamanic tradition has brought forth a special Rite of the Womb, a blessing that reminds us that “The Womb is not a place to hold fear and pain. The Womb is to create and give birth to life.”

Sacred ritual and the sacred Circle of Women help us to heal and return to a place of truth and connection with the Divine, with Source.

We can heal ourselves, transform pain into pleasure, suffering into joy, and recover our true power and creativity.

As we connect with spirit and receive inspiration, bring it into our heart and womb space, and connect with our beautiful planet, mother Earth, we may bring forth creations of love and beauty — our true essence.

This healing and return to the Sacred is also what’s needed to restore balance between masculine and feminine. This is how we may transform our relationships, communities, and the way we treat our planet and natural resources.

Must we attend ceremony in order to heal and transform old pain? What else can a woman do?

Without a doubt, being in a Circle of Women is exceptionally potent: when women open their hearts and connect with other women in ceremony, they have enormous power to heal, transform and manifest — infinitely greater than any one woman on her own.

Even so, you can begin the process of healing, transformation and conscious co-creation by yourself.

You could begin with a simple, genuine intention to do exactly that and start a meditation or ritual practice in which you:

  • connect with Spirit, allowing Divine inspiration and light to pour into your body and being from the Heavens
  • bring the light into the Heart, opening the Heart and cultivating love, joy, compassion and forgiveness in your Heart
  • bring the light further down into your body, into the Womb, allowing it to heal and enliven your sexual organs, and energise your creative centre with the intention of manifesting, bringing to life all that is loving and serves your highest good and the good of all involved.
  • connect with the Earth, letting go, feeling yourself nourished, supported, cleansed and healed.

Have you found these words and practice useful?

Please do write and share your experience!

Inspired? Curious to learn more?

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Article by Elena Angel for RisingHer.com (May 2016).

Artwork by Andrew Trimmer.