Soul Mate Connections Evening in London ~ Learn about ENERGY

New to Soul Mate Connections? Not been for a while?

You’ll enjoy this informal evening of soulful connection and playing with… ENERGY on Tuesday, 2nd June in London, W2.

What about energy?

  • Energy is what makes you feel attracted (or not) to a person.
  • Energy is what makes you feel refreshed (or drained) around someone.
  • Energy is what makes you shine (or disappear) in social settings.

Learning about subtle energy and how to manage yours enhances your confidence, the quality of your communication and your ability to connect.

Expect the Soul Mate Connections winning formula of enlivening music, movement and dance, partner and group exercises, Elena’s expert guidance and soulful wisdom, and a warm, engaging atmosphere — all of which enable you to open your heart and connect in new, more joyful and creative ways.

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